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Nov 24, 2018, 09:27 AM 1,504 read

Are we as dumb as Treyarch and Activision think we are?

Look, I'm going to admit I preordered Call of Duty games in the past and even the newest one. With some of the recent changes and upcoming features in Call of Duty I can't help but wonder if we really are as dumb as Activison and Treyarch think we are. Two "new" maps were found within the game files and those two new maps are *insert drumroll* Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset! Of the 15 multiplayer maps we have 5 of them are remakes. Considering the original Black Ops launched with 14 UNIQUE maps it makes me think Treyarch are getting lazy. Add on the two maps I mentioned earlier (which will most likely be paid DLC) and the total number of remakes jumps to 7. I understand some maps are worth remaking, but after hearing the community complain about some of the remakes it becomes apparent that we didnt ask for this. I want to mention the two "new" seasonal variants we can get as well. How many of you preordered a physical copy of the game at gamestop so you could get that preorder bonus? Well that extra mile you went apparently wasnt worth it as everyone can now obtain it. For those who didnt or couldnt preorder BO4 from Gamestop, I dont expect you to be too upset over it. However, remember that free variant everyone had for the Maddox, but then lost it without any explanation? Well, that was an error on Treyarch's part so they took it back and expected us to want to buy it after already having it before. That Treyarch employee who was fired, mentioned that no one cared if the general player got bluescreens as well unless we are large streamers. I am surprised by the lack of outrage from that. There is SO many more things that could be covered, but let me pass the question off to you. Are we dumb for falling for this stuff every year? UPDATE! Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset were released as free maps on November 27th.

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