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Nov. 13 Update summary

  ⭐Apply PS4 first (PC and Xbox One will be available one week later.)   Multiplayer Nuketown MP map added to the Nuketown playlist. Nuketown Featured Playlist added.   Blackout Bowie Knife now available. Find and wield this classic weapon for 1-hit melee kills! To celebrate the launch of Nuketown, Zombies now spawn on Nuketown Island with a new Zombies Supply Stash spawn location behind the Nuketown sign.   Black Market Blackjack’s Shop added.   ============     ⭐Apply PS4 and XBOX first (with PC to follow tomorrow) Gameplay Balance (Multiple Modes)   Submachine Guns 🔫 MX9 Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 6m (MP only). Slightly increased ADS move speed.   🔫 GKS Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only). Slightly increased ADS move speed.   🔫 Cordite Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only). Slightly increased ADS move speed.   🔫 Spitfire Increased 6-hit kill range by 3m (MP only). Slightly increased ADS move speed.   Assault Rifles 🔫Maddox RFB Slightly increased recoil of 1st and 2nd shots. Echo Fire Operator Mod: Removed recoil penalty when equipped.   🔫KN-57 Reduced idle sway. Slightly increased 4-hit kill range by 1.5m (MP only).   🔫Rampart 17 Reduced idle sway. Slightly reduced recoil of 1st and 3rd shots. Increased 4-hit kill range by 3m (MP only).   Tactical Rifles 🔫Swordfish Slightly reduced delay between bursts. Reduced idle sway. Penta Burst Operator Mod: Now implements standard burst delay.   Light Machine Guns 🔫Titan Reduced ADS speed. Increased sprint-out time. Slightly increased hip-fire spread (MP only). Stock: Slightly reduced movement benefits when equipped (MP only).   Sniper Rifles 🔫 Outlaw Slightly increased fire rate. Greatly reduced idle sway. Slightly increased ADS speed. Updated ADS rechamber animation to make it easier to stay on target. Recoil now centers more reliably. Increased base damage by 10, only affecting shots to kill an already-damaged target (MP only).   🔫 SDM Added aim-assist while hip-firing.   🔫 Koshka Recoil now centers more reliably after the first shot.   Shotguns 🔫 SG12 Reduced visual effect of Strobe Light Operator Mod. Reduced range at which Strobe Light affects aim-assist by 50%.     #NEWS #update

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