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6. CORDITE, Continued strong penetration

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Greetings! Moot soldiers! Winter is coming Be careful of the cold if you get sick, you can't even hold controller btw.   In FPS game like Black Ops 4, the gun capacity of the gun is a very important factor. If the magazine capacity is large, the number of reloading is reduced, and the burden is reduced even if the engagement with the enemy becomes longer. Especially, the sub machine gun (SMG) which is fast in bullet consumption due to the fast continuous shooting speed is often affected by the magazine capacity.     "CORDITE" to introduce today is a submachine gun that is bullet-consuming fast. However, CORDITE has the richest magazine among submachine guns, and its capacity is not much different from that of a light machine gun. So even if you battle with many enemies you are less burdened by the magazine capacity     ■ Introduction CORDITE "is a sub machine gun open to account level 40. The basic magazine capacity is 60 bullets so that the burden is less if the enemy's battle becomes longer, and if you use a large capacity magazine, the magazine capacity will increase to 90 shots. Secondly in the sub machine gun, the second largest magazine capacity GKS is 56 shots even if you use the magazine capacity, you can know that the magazine capacity of CORDITE is significantly larger.   The full auto shooting speed is a bit slower than SPITFIRE and SAUG 9 MM. However, if the difference is small, use of inexpensive parts can improve continuous shooting speed. One of the advantages is that you can easily destroy Torque’s Razor Wirewire, barricade and ground continuous score bonus when using AP Rounds.  

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■ Most balanced combination For the most balanced use of CORDITE, I recommend a combination of " Laser Sight + Grip + Rapid fire" combination. Increasing point shooting / aiming shooting efficiency and continuous shooting speed through three parts creates a balanced weapon in terms of ability value. In the case of 90 shots magazine capacity CORDITE's basic magazine capacity is high, so the priority is low.   "Long Barrel" may be used to improve middle range shooting efficiency, but CORDITE has a shorter basic range and Long Barrel efficiency is lower. Therefore, instead of Long Barrel, I recommend to add HELLION SALVO as an auxiliary weapon, or to add a sight / benefit according to your preference.        

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■ Destroys enemy armors. AP Rounds II is a part that maximizes penetrating forces of walls and objects and increases the damage of the moving means and equipment. It is a part that is mainly used for light machine gun TITAN, but CORDITE is also one of the weapons that can use the previous AP Rounds II. By using AP Rounds II , default damage will not increase. However, you can penetrate the enemy's armor and damage it, most walls can penetrate. So when putting one wall and fighting back the enemy's wall during battle, it often goes through the wall and exterminates as it is. Combined with UAV, sensor darts and vision pulses, you can pretreat the future enemies secretly back in the wall.   Also, AP Rounds II will greatly help destroying enemy devices / continuous scorestreak as damage to equipment and equipment increases. The razor wire and barricade of the Torque that interferes with the movement can be destroyed in the magazine and breakthrough is possible without HELLION SALVO. Due to the characteristics of the sub machine gun, it is a little difficult to destroy a droned flying drones, UAV, but attack Chopper and Sniper’s Nest that fly lower than that can safely be destroyed. Therefore it is not bad to use aiming and benefits additionally except for HELLION SALVO when using , AP Rounds.

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■ Forget about reload CORDITE's operator mode "Belt-Feed" has the effect of changing the magazine to 600 bullets belts. "Using Belt-Feed eliminates the need to reload, but adds an overheat gauge. The overheat gauge will not rest and if you shoot about 70 shots, it will fire for about 7-8 seconds at maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the overheat gauge so that the overheat gauge does not rise to the maximum even if the reload disappears.  

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The biggest advantage of Belt-Feed is that the reload will disappear. Even if the aiming ability is excellent, anyone in defense is in the middle of relaying the reload. However, if you use Belt - Feed, reloading and risk itself will disappear, so the burden will be greatly reduced. It is also a great advantage that the magazine capacity increases by 600 bullets. It is difficult to compare the basic magazine capacity of CORDITE with 600 shots of the belt even if it is said that three 60 magazines are relaxed. Of course it is rare to consume both 600 legs with one life. However, just by having more bullets left constantly, battle efficiency will increase significantly. #BO4Gunsguide             If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below: ========   1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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