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5. Shot Flashes Anywhere! SG12

Hi Moot ARMY I'm back again. I'm posting a gun that suits you with more precise information and an apt examples. Today, I choose this shotgun that perhaps 90 percent of you guys you haven't used

[Introduce] In multiplayer mode, there is a weapon that contains a special part called 'Operate Mode'. In the case of general attachments, it has a simple effect of increasing the speed of fire or reducing the kickback of the weapon. However, the Operate mode adds special effects to weapons to enhance the weapon's personality. The weapon to be introduced today, 'SG12', is also a weapon with an operational mode. Since SG12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, it can be fired quickly. Compared to the pump action shotgun MOG 12, the damage is low, but it is supplemented with a rapid-fire. Moreover, depending on the fitting settings, a single bullet can load up to 14 rounds, which can generate high firepower in close combat.  

SG12 is a shotgun that is open at account level 31. The same shotgun type, MOG 12, focuses on killing enemies with one shot, while the SG 12 focuses on fast talk. So the pump action MOG 12 is very fatal once you miss it, but even if you miss it, the semi-automatic SG12 is enough to complement it. One of the biggest features of the SG12 is the “Strobe Light” which is the operation mode. With a flashlight, you can use a flash that hinders the enemy's field of view instead of aiming fire. The flashing effect is weak compared to Ajax's 9-bang, but a flashlight that interrupts your sight suddenly during battle is enough to panic the enemy. However, since the position of the flashlight is exposed by the light of the flashlight, caution should be exercised   [Attachment] SG12 is rapid-fire gun, but there is a huge backlash. Therefore, it is common to use a point shot rather than a aiming shot. However, due to the characteristics of the shotgun, it is very difficult to adjust to the aiming fire even if it is a little away from the enemy because the sight line is wide open when it is aiming fire. In order to compensate for this, the necessary parts are Laser Sight I and II'

Laser Sight can improve the accuracy of aiming shots. In particular, Laser Sight II is highly efficient because it maximizes the accuracy of the intended shot and increases the amount of carbon damage. The short range of SG12 can be supplemented to some extent by using ‘Long Barrel’ that increases the effective range.  

[Perk] ‘Gung-Ho’ is one of the specialties that goes well with SG12. ‘Gung-Ho’ enables fre your weapon and use equipment while sprinting. Also recover from sprint faster and move at full speed while reloading.. Furthermore, the effect of 'Laser Point II' does not reduce the accuracy of the point shot during the movement   If you want to maximize your mobility, you can also remove one component and add either ‘Lightweight’ or ‘Dexterity’ of Perk 2. The effective range will be reduced due to the disappearance of Long Barrel, but the map which mainly focuses on close combat shows higher efficiency.            

[Operate Mode, Strobe Light] ‘Strobe Light’ is an offer mode that can be used when SG12 is at its maximum level (10). When installed, the right mouse button flashes the flashlight instead of the aiming shot, thus turning it into an effect that interferes with the enemy's field of vision. However, ‘Strobe Light’ are not available during spurt, so this combination does not recommend the perk of 'Gung-Ho'.    

  The visual disturbance effect of the Strobe Light is applied at the enemy point so that the upper body of the enemy using the flashlight is hardly visible, but only the lower body is lightly visible. In addition, since the afterimage of the flash remains for about one second, the use of a flashlight is likely to disperse the enemy's gaze while moving to the left or right.

  There is only one perk that can be used because of the lack of slot margin due to operation mode. It is recommended that you use the "Engineer" or "Tactical Mask" of perk 1 in this slot, and you may use other prizes according to your taste.                   #BO4Gunsguide   If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:   ========       1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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