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4. VAPR, An assassinable balance protector!

#BO4Gunsguide     Assault rifles are the most balanced weapon of all kinds. Because all abilities are evenly distributed, such as damage amount, range, speaker speed, and accuracy, near-, medium-, and long-distance competition is possible. Among them, I think VAPR-XKG (hereinafter "VAPR") if you choose the most balanced weapon.     VAPR has a capability similar to the first assault rifle, ICR-7 and is a weapon with increased speed of combustion. So compared to machine-gun firearms, they make up for their weakness in short range. Instead, the reaction grew more than the ICR-7, but the reaction is less than other weapons, making it difficult to see the difference.  

      Balanced assault rifle VAPR-XKG in all respects   VAPR is an assault rifle that opens at account level 37. It has balanced ability even without components and it has the fastest speaker speed next to MADDOX RFB. However, unlike the specialized MADDOX RFB, the VAPR is a slightly more advanced form of close combat capability while maintaining the ability to engage in mid-range warfare.     Depending on the combination, it can be operated as an assassination weapon!

VAPR is a combination of various types of weaponry such as 'Long Barrel', 'Rapid Fire' and 'Fast Mags' to increase the speed and speed of shooting, 'High Caliber' to increase the headshot damage, and 'Suppressor' Parts can be used. The most specific part of them is Stock I and II.   Part of the VAPR includes 'Stock I and II' that carry only three of the weapons. When used together with Stock I and II, the movement speed increases while aiming and remains on target even when jumping, landing and prone. Unlike other assault rifles that are restricted when shooting a shot, several actions are possible even during shooting.   If you use two parts together, you can keep aiming even if you take actions such as jump, landing, or dropping during aim shooting. It is easy to say that the efficiency of the 'drop shot' which suddenly leans and fires during the fighting becomes higher. The drop shot is one of the ways to increase one's survival rate by dissecting the enemy's aim in combat. However, in Black Ops 4, using a drape shot during a aiming shot releases the aiming, but when using the Stock I and II together, the aiming condition is maintained even when lying down during the aiming shot. Therefore, if you want to increase the efficiency of a drop shot, it is recommended that you use both the stocks.  

In addition, the components of the VAPR include a Suppressor. Therefore, if you use the ghost and static of the special 3 along with the Suppressor, you can use a combination of assassinations that you cannot detect in the mini-map unless you stop moving.    

Even when lying down during battle with the enemy, the aim is maintained to increase the efficiency of the drop shot    

From the enemy's point of view, it's easy to panic as the enemy suddenly leaves the line of sight.      

If you use one of the sights and three of the accessories on the VAPR, you will have the option to use one secondary weapon and two perks. In addition, 'HELION SALVO' and 'Engineer+Cold Blood' make it easy to destroy enemy equipment/continuous scorestreaks.  

VAPR tends to consume faster ammunition, and if you are using 'Rapid Fire', the ammunition will run out faster. If it is necessary to make up for this, it is also worth considering 'Scavenger' in Perk 1. If you don't want to use 'Scavengers', you can also select the specialist 'Crash' to supplement with the 'Assault Pack'.        

Part of the VAPR includes a 'Suppressor' that reduces noise and gun glare during shooting. If a Suppressor is used, it is easier to avoid enemy tracking because it does not appear on the mini-map during shooting. Instead, the range is slightly reduced, but the VAPR uses a Suppressor to facilitate the range and can be supplemented with an Long Barrel.  

A good benefit to use with a Suppressor is 'Ghost + Dead Silence'. 'Ghost' has the effect of not being detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting, or defusing bombs, or controlling streaks, and 'Dead Silence' has the effect of not detecting sound sensor by reducing footsteps. If you are using a silencer here, it will be very difficult for the enemy to find his position unless he is a sensor dart or vision pulse.  

If you want to maximize the efficiency of the assassination combination, it is a good idea to use the 'Counter UAV' in the continuous scorestreaks. The Counter UAV has the effect of disturbing the enemy mini map for a certain period of time, so it is highly compatible with the Ninja combination.   #BO4Weaponguide #BO4Gunsguide     If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below: ========   1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

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