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Personal Guides for Domination

Though I am not a great gamer, I can give some tips to the noobs. I just got the courage through the idiots I met with the team last game.  

Call of Duty: General - Personal Guides for Domination image 2

  1. It is good to avoid rushing alone, rushing, detouring regardless of attack, defense. If you are not Shround, just follow your team who suffers from your absence.   2. At the time of defense, when A and B are under simultaneous domination same,give up more occupied places. Would rather keep a one position and drag into a kill point battle.   3.If you are defensive (for example) and you are defending A alone, and your enemy is concentrating on B, Let's keep a path that can be diverted to the team's rear area. It is much more beneficial for the team to be able to add strength by blocking bypass rather than waiting for the enemy in A.   4. Hellstorm will perform auto-targeting immediately after the start of the drop. If you press the left click, you will pour a lot of jets. If you sprint button causes it to speed up, ADS button causes it to slow down, Shooting button causes it to spread and track enemies. If you can crush the enemy structures with mold, let's destory + Attak Heli   #Tips

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