Imheckingnino LV.3 Lurker
Apr 10, 2020, 02:13 PM 87 read

My friends call me the professional Pubstomper (4kd with 27 kills highest game) here are my tips

Loadout is important. So is buying plates ANY time you have less than 4 plates buy some When you're moving around you should always be near some type of cover. People who get caught out with 0 cover die pretty fast If you THINK you're about to fight then stop sprinting. Unless you have to use it. Stop sprinting and listen, watch angles Cars are very important. Think of cars in this game the same ones in H1Z1. I like the jeeps handling but the rover is faster. Best vehicle ofc is big bertha Cold blood, High Alert (just got buffed for some reason) and amped. Paired with primary of choice and an RPG, C4 AND heartbeat sensor. This is the best loadout set up Get in the habit of using your tactical and lethals a lot. Get new ones at every kill and use them to win fights easier. Ram7/M13 > Oden/EBR/SKS > Grau/M4/Kilo > Scar In this gamemode attachments are usually ; Mono Suppressor, longest barrel, commando foregrip, 50 round mag and an optic Kar98 is a faster more fun Sniper. But the HDR is the "better" Sniper by far. Most cars take 1 rpg to blow up. The semi truck takes 2/3. My squad calls enemy vehicles free kills Headshots are pretty big compared to body shots. Try to aim to get ATLEAST 1 If you don't know what to do during a fight your job is to follow and cover someone who does. You can even watch and learn while playing If you're not gonna call out anything in voice please get used to pinging red. Double tap your USE button to blow up c4 faster. F default on pc You should never be driving around mindlessly. Grab a bounty contract and fight some people. If you see you're about to get into a fight. And you have a long run ahead just leave. Zone will kill you so fast. If the timer has 30 seconds I would not fight If you see RED flares in the air that means someone res'd. YELLOW and WHITE are objs Drop shot drop shot drop shot. You win so many fights doing this. Careful of prone block If you don't know how to call out enemies the 3 D's are Distance Direction Description Could call damage also but I usually say cracked (even if they aren't but have low armor). Or low (1 to 3 bullets will kill) If you kill someone communicate if it's team wipe or not. Description of dead person helps too. "ghost" or " Russian" You should look to get self res/ammo box after getting loadout. Speaking of self res. Finish EVERY downed guy you see. It's so cheap and pretty discreet. But don't tunnel vision on eliminating him If YOU start your self res and get it to 99% or lower a teammate can come "tap" your res. It continues where YOU left off and you get to save self res

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