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How to expand on Call of Duty: Warzone- Ideas for future updates

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So we’ve got our free to play superstar this year in the form of Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s brilliant, and for me and many others, the realistic approach to Battle Royale that many have been hoping for. But just as of this week, we’ve already gotten our first update to the game in the form of Battle Royale: Solos. It was a much needed feature for those who don’t always have two friends to play with or those who prefer that lone wolf experience. With this update, we know now that Activision clearly sees its’ popularity and will be sending more updates our way. So what should we possibly be looking forward to?   Game modes

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With the addition of Plunder, it’s obvious Activision was ready to think outside the box with the normal Battle Royale formula. While Plunder is creative-ish, it really doesn’t feel like a completed mode and that’s an issue when trying to break ground in this genre. Instead of a random money chase, how about the same Battle Royale formula that revolves around a mission? How about a scavenger hunt? A 150 player scavenger hunt where each squad is given a particular trail of breadcrumbs to follow. They wouldn’t need to place markers to show the areas either, how about instead of go to this marker, it just said “you can find objective B in the hospital.” This automatically adds tension to the scenario as you could have one squad member search for the objective and have the others covering their back. This would lead to some intense moments with high concentrations of players all converging on similar points on the map, but by making the objective in vague location, it wouldn’t get too clustered. IF the clustering became an issue though, each team could be given their own hunt to go on. There could be different objectives in each area too to spread everyone out more.   Another idea would be escape from the island. Reverse that circle of doom! Start the game as usual and then a few minutes after everyone drops, have that circle start small somewhere and start rapidly expanding. The objective would be last man standing still, but this would add an extra layer of panic and tension as you could make one area the designated exit and have the battles all be over who gets to it first. I have found the race to the center of the circle somewhat dull because there’s nothing there but the helicopter extraction. This is similar but would add a beat the clock element to the gameplay while still giving that tension that makes the game type so unique.   Contracts

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The contract are a great little variation to the main Battle Royale formula, but I think they can get a bit more detailed and interesting. Right now, there are three kinds of contracts, bounties, recon and scavenger. The only really interesting one of these is the bounty, but often I feel the reward isn’t big enough to take the risk of getting killed by their teammates.   To make bounties a bit more intriguing, how about the bounty goes on the entire team instead of one person? Make the contract worth $12,000, enough to fully equip you and your team with either airstrikes, self-revive kits or whatever they’d like. This way, you have a mark on the whole team you’re tracking and it gives feeling of certainty of what you’re going after as opposed to the solo bounties which feel far too risky to pursue. The same reward for surviving should apply too, if your whole team survives the attack, they should all get a hefty some of cash. In terms of expanding the contracts though, how about retrieving special weapons and vehicles? You could have them in hard to reach places or hidden corners of the map. For the weapons, the would obviously be a huge leg up on the competition and for the vehicles, maybe provide an armored truck of some kind that is incredibly difficult to destroy, making it a priority for multiple teams to try and take it out with a cash prize for them as well.   Now how about switch up the idea of the contracts? How about (to be topical) one of your teammates contracts a virus and there’s a vaccine you need to get to before he dies and is unable to revive? This would take away the idea of contracts being optional and just force gameplay additions on to you, which I like because that means the developer is confident in their game design choices. You could have the gas masks provide them extra time to survive too and create a whole other level to Battle Royale.   Zombies

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Call of Duty and Zombies go together like lamb and tuna fish, or spaghetti and meatballs if you’re weird. How can you make the occasional dull moments of Warzone more exciting? How about adding a ravenous zombie horde to the map that you have to worry about along with the scores of other players around you? Sure, It’s ripping off DayZ’s formula a little bit, but who cares? At this point it’s like

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  When it comes to accusing developers of copying each other and the point is to make game more fun. To add to this mode, if you’re bitten by a zombie, you could start to turn and have a game mechanic where you can barely see and control your character as they turn into a zombie and create a tense moment for your team as they decide how fast they need to put you down. You could also have a cure like I suggested in the contracts section. Now the zombie horde needs to migrate across the map so as not to cause too much chaos in one particular area. I’m also talking 28 Days Later style zombies, not the Walking Dead kind, I want sprinters.

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You could even start throwing a little bit of Left 4 Dead into this as well and have multiple different zombie types appear as the circle is getting smaller. Picture it now. You and a teammate, trapped in a shack, 1 of 2 teams left. You see them on a hill aiming for you and zombie horde emerges in the distance. A helicopter arrives for extraction. What do you do? Take out the other players? Aim for the zombies? Make a suicide run to the chopper? Are you feeling this? Because I’m right there just typing it.   Call of Duty: Warzone is off to a fantastic start and is making is mark on the Battle Royale genre. If Activision puts the same effort into supporting their game as Epic Games does with Fortnite, we might soon see the reigning king fall to a nee challenger.   How are you all liking Call of Duty: Warzone so far? Do you like my ideas? Do you have others to suggest? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!    

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