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Jan 5, 2020, 01:27 PM 22 read

10000 Players Needed for Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4)

Hey there everyone, we need 10000 players to come join the call of duty ghosts community on PS4. Ghosts is such a amazing game, but there were some downsides. Ghosts has gotten so much hate when it launched and looking back at it now, the game is probably better than some of the newer cods. This is the last game to have supply drops up until modern warfare. The reason why I’m asking people to play ghosts on PS4 is because PS4 is the most popular console out there at the moment (no hate against Xbox or other consoles). Generally there would be more people on PS4 compared to Xbox one and PC (in terms of cod games). The more players we get playing ghosts on PS4, the more we can kill modern warfare. If you don’t have ghosts on PS4, than I recommended playing Advanced Warfare as that was the second cod game on PS4.

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