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Oct 23, 2019, 01:50 PM 31 read

5 Tips for start Modern Warfare

CoD Modern Warfare will be released the day after tomorrow.   Before we start the game, for the players who will join CoD for the first time, I want to give some basic tips for you.   Of course, if you're a skilled player in CoD or FPS games, you may not need this :D     1. Make aiming a habit.

Many newbie players make a mistake that they just keep running in the game and then die. Unless you're a master of this game, you need to aim first while you're moving. When you cornering, move toward the place where you heard shots. It will be too late if you were just running without aiming. There's no time to draw a weapon and aim your enemy when you find them.     2. Sometimes shoot without aiming

But if you face the enemies in so close distance, do not try to aim. It will take time to change your view and it will narrow the view. In this case, it will get harder to kill your enemies so just don't aim, shoot them.     3. Lean your weapons

In Modern Warfare, the weapon recoil was increased compared to the previous series. If you're having a hard time to hand the recoil, lean your weapons on walls. It will hide most of your body from enemies, reduce the recoil so that you can fire the shot more easily. Basic key is Z in PS4 keyboard, X in PC keyboard.     4. Choose the right weapons at the time   In CoD, you need to change the weapons and choose the best one for each situation.   AR is specialized for Mid-Ranged combat so do not roam too much, take a place and wait for enemies. SMG and Shotguns are specialized for Close-Ranged combat so do not go to the open ground, lure them to the narrow alley for close combat.     5. Minimap on the Left-Top, something like direction indicator on the Mid-Top.

Both minimap and... what do you call, the direction indicator? Anyway. They were activated in beta.   On the minimap, it shows the location of your enemies with red dot. When your enemies shoot, the direction indicator on the Mid-Top also shows you the location of your enemies with red dots. You can guess where your enemies are with that red dots so keep watch both minimap and direction indicator while you're playing.

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