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Sep 12, 2019, 06:07 AM 323 read

COD: Modern Warfare Beta Community Nights [ANNOUNCEMENT]

Hello all! As you may have heard, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is having two beta weekends, one PS4 exclusive weekend, and one cross play weekend (all platforms). With this in mind, I have decided to host two community nights, one for each weekend.   This weekend's community night will be hosted on Sunday September 15th at 1am BST (that'll be a Saturday for all you North American folks; check your local time here: [PS4 ONLY]   Next weekend's community night will be hosted on Saturday September 21st, at 9pm BST. (Again, check your local time here: [AVAILABLE TO ALL]   A reminder post will go out 1 hour before the night is scheduled to begin.   What will we actually be doing? Good question, whatever the majority wants to do. I have no idea what will be included in the beta, so it will be a complete surprise to me; and maybe everyone else.   Obviously, spaces are limited, so LEAVE A COMMENT with your username, platform, and when you will be participating (you can participate in both weekends!)   I hope to see as many people there as possible!

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