Blackjacks Stashes Good or Bad ?

Activision explained in a recent blog post that every single player in Black Ops 4 Blackout will get the opportunity to unlock one of Blackjack’s Stashes per match. these stashes will reward players with a random exclusive weapon in Blackout mode but only if you have already unlocked them. If you don’t have anything unlocked in-game via the Reserves then these stashes will be of no use to you.

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This is my paladin class trying to get dimond

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CoD pro 'Attach' featured on CNN for calling Trump "the most successful troll of all time"

Professional Call of Duty player Dillon 'Attach' Price was featured on CNN.
Attach called Trump 'the most successful troll of all time' in a tweet on June 22.

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Modern Warfare - more realistic weapons and characters than ever!

Infinity Ward shared with us some exciting information about the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare. It was exciting to hear about the future of Call of Duty and then to top it all, we learned that the new engine will help push the series forward performance wise as well as graphically.
Infinity Ward wanted the game to feel as realistic as possible and this new engine will certainly help out in that regard.
“We had to simulate a rainbow-like effect on the oil of the gun after you’ve cleaned it up," Infinity Ward said. "Translucent effects on the gun, ceramic effects, powder coating effects, elements of the magazines. We researched all of that. We made everything in the game look as good as they possibly can. The reflections, shadows, the ambient occlusion; all the bells and whistles.”
Infinity ward shared "We performance capture tons of data, including detail like the wrinkles, the changes in tautness of the skin around the mouth when characters are talking or are excited. This is performance capture 2.0, where you’re getting this additional level of detail.”
With all these awesome effects to make the game look better than ever, the game will still run at 60 FPS. I can hardly wait for an official gameplay reveal!

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(Con) tracts

Why oh why can't we get anything decent from this f'ing game lately, how is a little xp and the same frigin reserves we've been getting a good bonus for doing challenges? HOW?

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Back to back nuclears!

First time ever i just got two nukes back to back, luckiest lobby ever!

LV.6 Nomad 17h

Blue screen

Am I the only person to start getting blue screens again I just had two in the past hour.

LV.9 Monster 18h


I don’t understand why people play a battle royale and just sit in a corner the entire time

LV.4 Lurker 20h

first time picking up a paladin ;) excuse my excitement lol 😂

LV.2 Lurker 20h

I dont think we PC players will ever complete this 😢

LV.6 Nomad 20h

Some luck huh

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Thank you guys!

I’m excited that you guys actually got my second ever post on this app to be featured on the Featured Tab and labeled as “Popular”! Appreciate you guys for all the good feedback and of course you to thank the haters also 🤣

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are paint can coolers still available after v1.19 update??

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How to redeem Contracts in Black Ops 4

There are 3 steps for earning rewards by completing Contracts
[STEP 1]
Visit the contracts menu and choose 2 out of 28 available contracts. You get 6 Contracts for each of the 4 modes plus 1 additional Daily contract. For each mode's list of challenges, 2 of them will be marked "HARD" but you get better rewards.
[STEP 2]
Select the Contracts, load into the corresponding game mode and complete the challenges.
[STEP 3]
When you complete the challenge, you will be rewarded with a prize that corresponds the Contract you chose. Go back to the menu and choose even more Contracts to complete.

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Black Ops 4 V1.19 weapon buffs & nerfs

Number of balancing adjustments have been introduced to weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Let's go through some of these recent changes.
V1.19 went live on June 25 and as a result, we've seen some changes to Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout battle royale.
1> Ballistic Profiles
One major aspect of this update was the changes to the ballistic profiles on SMGs and pistols to hitscan to "create consistency with other weapon classes in Multiplayer."
So what does this mean? The bullets fired from SMGs and pistols won't take any time before making an impact. It'll be an instant, immediate impact right after being shot.
2> SMG nerfs
The Daemon 3XB & Switchblade X9 have been nerfed with this update. Both of these weapons were added after the game was released and they had to be unlocked via the Contraband stream.
With the Daemon, instead of previous 5 bullets, you now need at least 6 bullets to finish off a target at full health. A 3rd extra magazine was added to balance this nerf.
The kill range of Switchblade for 6, 7 and 8 shots have been reduced by 6 meters each.
Ballistic Profiles
-Ballistic profiles on SMGs and pistols changed to hitscan to create consistency with other weapon classes in Multiplayer.
MOG 12
-Dragon Breath Operator Mod damage reduced to increase pellets required for a one-shot kill at long range.
Daemon 3XB
-Now requires at least six bullets to finish off a target with full health (up from five).
-Added a third extra magazine.
Switchblade X9
-Reduced 6-shot kill range from 19 meters to 13 meters.
-Reduced 7-shot kill range from 25 meters to 19 meters.
-Reduced 8-shot kill range from 31 meters to 25 meters.
Ballistic Knife
-Addressed an issue preventing players from using Dual Wield and Extra Blades at the same time.

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What bullshit is this? 84gb?

So I haven't played bo4 for a bit, but it's only been 2 weeks at most. I decide to come on for one and see an 84gb update that I don't even have space for on my ps4. What, pray tell, are they adding that's worth 84gb?

LV.6 Dream Chaser 1d

Kinda happy

Any one else happy about the free death effect? It’s cool


Don't you love being good at the game :)

Heh don't mind the last kill, i wasn't expecting them to just stand there 😅

LV.22 Wolf 2d

Don't you love it when you don't realise how many there are? 😂

I don't cause I got scared 😂😂

LV.22 Wolf 2d

I’m Tired Of Zombies

Me and my friends just attempted the Origins EE for the second time. This time we got to the very last step of the egg and died. I prolly won’t be playing Zombies anytime soon. I’ll try again later.

LV.6 Nomad 2d

My snipes have been almost on point recently 😁

LV.22 Wolf 2d

How mad do you think they would be?😂😂

How mad do you think the enemy team would be after they watched me do this to them?

LV.22 Wolf 2d

Triple collateral 🐐🔥

LV.2 Lurker 2d

Thoughts on contracts?

In my opinion I think there nice to have, haven’t played yet but ive seen videos on them.

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New Hacienda Twilight map!

Strike from the shadows or fight in the moonlight in #BlackOps4’s newest full-map makeover, Hacienda Twilight.

LV.20 Try Hard 2d

Black ops 4 contracts trailer!

Treyarch has released a new trailer providing an overview of how Contracts work in Black Ops 4.

LV.20 Try Hard 2d

New zombies map teasers!

"A little learning is a dangerous thing..."


LV.20 Try Hard 2d

How about this one

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