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How to get to your destination quickly and remotely.

How to get to your destination quickly and remotely. Most importantly, when you first drop out of the helicopter, go straight down.If you tilt the L-stick up and look at the point of view to the ground, it's going to fall vertically.

If you look to the right, you'll see that the current m/s will rise and you'll see the arrow going up to three levels.The speed of the second is literally how many meters per second you travel, and the arrow indicates that the third stage is the fastest descent to the ground.  

If you put three arrows on the vertical drop at the first drop, it would be about six to 70 meters per second. With the speed up first, keep the speed and arrows alive and close to the horizontal, so you can go very far and fast.  

When a lot of people come to land in one area, the player, who's quickly acquired guns, can easily beat the opponent who's running for punch. Landing at the destination as quickly as possible is the first step to victory.   #Tips #Blackout  

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