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Nov 8, 2020, 01:07 AM 248 read

Turkey Touchdown Tournament (Warzone)

Call of Duty: Event - Turkey Touchdown Tournament (Warzone) image 1

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  Tournament Rules: $10 Team Entry Fee (Non-Refundable) Must be 16 years of age to enter 2 Player Teams Max 16 Teams Each Team will Queue in Quads with the Team they are Seeded Against Solo Queuing is NOT Allowed At least one person must stream live Must Follow Activision Terms of Service Each Round is Best of 3 Matches Screenshot of Final Scores Must Be Sent to Count! Have Fun! Be Respectful!   How to Win: 1 Kill = 1 Point 1st Place = 12 Points 2nd Place = 9 Points 3rd Place = 7 Points 4th Place = 5 Points 5th Place = 4 Points 6th - 10th Place = 2 Points   Thanks for taking interest in this months Tournament!   #esport #esports #tournament #warzone #callofduty  

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