SCARFACEMAFIA420 LV.17 Good Leader
Oct 30, 2020, 01:14 PM 98 read



I have recoil control pro movements and map awareness down (that one can get better) and just need strat help NEEDING OF A COACH for WARZONE I’m decent in MP I just play to collect blueprints and do challenges get camos optics badges calling cards and all that BUT EVERYONE IS STUXK ON WARZONE and I have never had one win IM A

Call of Duty: Event - I NEED A WARZONE COACH! image 2

GOOD LEARNER AND LISTENER I just need SOMONE to communicate THE TIPS AND GJIDE TO ME GOOD not just stay quiet I NEED A GOOD TEACHER LOL other coaches I’ve had suck then rage KUZ I SUCK AT WARZONE (tf I told you I sucK ITS WHY YOUR COACHING ME LOL

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  • M1N1__M4MB4 LV.5 Lurker Nov 3, 2020, 09:57 PM

    i can help you after i get home from school i may not be old but i’m pretty good you can play with me and my trio after school or i can just help you now.