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My Loadout (Click for more Info)


My loadout consists of the PKM as my Primary. I was introduced to the PKM with some similar attachments by WhosImmortal on Youtube. Attachments- -Monolithic Supressor -25.9" Heavy Barrel -VLK 3.0x Optic -Snatchgrip -Stippled Grip Tape For my Secondary, I chose the 725. This weapon I customized myself. With the following attachments, the 725 can shoot very far with very high damage range. Attachments- -Tempus 32" Competition -Aim-Op Reflex Sight -Cronen Pro Light -Slug Rounds -FORGE TAC Steady Grip For my Lethal, I use C4. With it's high explosive capabilities, it can take down a target with one blow. For my Tactical, I use Stims. Stims are very useful especially after a fight with multiple players around.

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