SDPA LV.2 Lurker
Aug 10, 2020, 12:02 AM 87 read

My Loadout


My Loadout Is Pretty Unique To My Play Style. I Play Mostly Search And Destroy So I Don’t Need A Loadout For Running And Gunning. I Use The AK With The RPK Blueprint. I Have The Florida Mutineers Skin And Multiple Attachments. My Secondary Is The Brand New Dual Kodachis With The New Daimyo Blueprint. I Fell In Love With These Swords The Moment I Saw Them And I Knew I Had To Get Gold Camo For Them. Since I Already Had Platinum For The Melee Weapons, I Unlocked Platinum For The Kodachis As Well. For My Perks I Have Double Time For The Longer Tactical Sprint, Restock To Get My Thermite Grenades And Stims Recharged, And Finally Tune Up To Get My Dead Silence Back For Those Sneaky Executions. For My Lethals I Have The Thermite Grenade. It Reminds Me Of The Throwing Knives But It Is More Forgiving When I Miss. For My Tactical’s I Have Stim Shots To Heal Myself Because I Mostly Play Hardcore. Thank You For Your Consideration -SDPA :)

Call of Duty: Event - My Loadout  image 2
Call of Duty: Event - My Loadout  image 3
Call of Duty: Event - My Loadout  image 4

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