Zuna LV.20 Wolf
Aug 7, 2020, 04:19 AM 95 read

Warzone loadout

Call of Duty: Event - Warzone loadout image 1

I Use the 1 Primary because the damage output is heavenly on Short to medium ranges. Its an easly overlooked weapon but damn good for an smg The Rocket Launcher simply because of any driving vehicle trying to kill me. Cold-blooded and Ghost perk for being immune to any Scans etc while gun-and-running (gotta hate those campers) The Last perk is to increase reload speed as Well as weapon swap (needed for the Rocket Launcher) C4 simply to yeet away Campers at Windows and the Heartbeat Sensor for the Same reason we all dislike Campers. Gotta Love to See them and yeet that C4.. Try Out the Fennek though. You wont regret it

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