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#Season5 Modern Warfare loadout


Well it may not be the best in town, the M13 is one of the best assault rifles in the game. Generally, the way you kit the thing decides if it's gonna be an across-the-map sniper or a point blank boss.

Call of Duty: Event - #Season5 Modern Warfare loadout image 2

I have an eye for improvement on all angles (most of the time), this one gun took me about 20 minutes to craft. If you don't like reflex sights, you could slap a holo on there if ya want. This secondary requires you to use the Overkill perk. Otherwise, break out that .50 GS! An SMG is a staple of any CoD gamer's loadout. This one over here is probably more effective while ADS'd but I decked this one out with hip fire gear (the reflex is just for if the target is 35M or farther away).

Call of Duty: Event - #Season5 Modern Warfare loadout image 4

Hipfire reticle: I ----- ----- I It's tiny, unless you jump or slide. Don't have the Fennec? An MP5 or MP7 is an OK alternative (use similar attachments), but this thing is sheer shredding. The perks and equipment are pretty much a no-brainer:

Call of Duty: Event - #Season5 Modern Warfare loadout image 6

You don't have to run specialist, but I highly recommend it. If you have the skill to drop an 8 kill streak, you might go all the way to 20 kills! (Or maybe a nuke?)

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