TSA_Warlord LV.18 Jumpmaster
Oct 8, 2020, 02:32 AM 208 read

The stuff that can not be in warzone that it will make it better


What have to go that can't be in Warzone. Weapon attachments: 1. All thermal scopes has to go. Perks: 1. Cold-Blooded 2. Ghost 3. Tracker Tactical: 1. Heartbeat sensor Buy Box: If players gonna buy armor the armor plates should be $500 If players wanna buy armor stachel it should cost them $1500 or $3000 In Warzone : If everyone is gonna use pistols shooting player in med air you should take pistols away If everyone gonna use a trophy system for the SUV, truck, tactical rover, and the helicopter they should buy it out the buy box for $5000 If you gonna drop loadouts DO NOT DROP IT NEXT TO ENEMY LOADOUTS, if the players gonna hit the loadouts they should it once not twice for other perks. Gulag: If a player wins his/her gulag they should get they loadout back or pick another loadout If a player loses his/her gulag they should wait for a teammate to buy them back and the player that got bought back from the buy box can get his loadout back or pick out another loadout. What do you guys think they should do about Warzone

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