HuneyBloom LV.2 Lurker
Oct 4, 2020, 06:49 PM 105 read

Looking for campers


Camping is an art. Not everyone appreciates the full value of the technique of setting up shop in a room and doing jack shit the entire game and hoping someone who attends anger management classes repeatedly comes back in hopes of trying to evoke revenge. Many people look down on camping. Call it a dog shit tactic but it is so much more. It’s time to leave the old way to play cod behind. Reject tradition and embrace modernity.

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  • HuneyBloom LV.2 Lurker Oct 7, 2020, 11:58 PM

    Update: players had no way to shut down my shop so activision had to add the AS VAL in order to counter my camping. Pretty unfair if you ask me but so is my camping so it evens the playing field.