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5 Underrated spots to drop in Call of Duty: Warzone


It’s not how you start, but how you finish. That’s an old adage that doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s all about how you start. Yeah, you can make up your garbage starts by toughing it out in the Gulag, and maybe lucking out to get a loadout somewhere or surviving a most-wanted might rectify your team’s woes, but let’s be real here. You need to get off on the right foot and part of that means starting off in a place where you can get outfitted with some good gear, have some good cover, and get some good money. Everyone knows the best places to drop as well as the worst, but what about the underrated areas? I’m here to shed some light on those.   5. Storage Town

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There’s nothing flashy about what’s going on here. Storage town is simple and grimy and nothing special, but do you know what it’s got in spades? Boxes baby! And that’s what we’re going to need to get our sorry ass teams off to the start they need to get to the promised lands. While you won’t find many legendary items here, the storage containers will have tons of medium quality options to get you started. In addition to some solid gear to get you going, the cover in this area is outstanding. Within each storage alcove is usually a cargo crate that you can take cover behind while you’re getting your loot fix in. You’d think with a name like Storage Town, players would be all over this place but from what I’ve seen, the place is open for business. If it’s in the circle or just outside, give it a shot and see if you can take advantage of all the goodies this place has. Or not, and continue to get smoked like a Christmas ham in the Superstore, your choice.   4. Karst River Quarry

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Not the most popular kid in class, but Karst River Quarry has some fantastic benefits if you get there early. While you may see plenty of people drop nearby here, they never stay too long. It’s more of a run by area for players who may hit up a Buy Station and then dip out, but never a place that players stay too long. We’re going to drop here and try to drop on one of the gigantic depots inhabiting the area. The inside of these buildings are a myriad of hallways and pipes and stairs to make up one of the more visually confusing areas to navigate, but it’s what’s within the areas that make it so fruitful. If I manage to get to one of these buildings before the match gets too deep, I generally come out with a hefty sum of money in the $4000’s range. If you can survive the tension that mounts as you wander through the various hallways, your reward will be a hefty amount of loot as well as a great place to complete scavenger contracts and recon missions.   3. The Gora Dam

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A certain amount of dread sets in when I see the circle start in the upper left quadrant is palpable. I am a garbage fire in this area of the map. I get sniped from mountains, roofs, and I have no bearing on where I am at any given moment, but all of you aren’t me, and luckily for you, this dam is stock full of treasure. If you decide to land here, you’ll be treated to endless areas with tons of items and cash to find. The main source of this is located within the dam itself which is a pain in the ass in itself to get to, so if you manage to land on the top section, you’ll be in good shape to pick up a quick $3000 at least as you comb the halls of the industrial interiors for the seemingly endless item boxes. In addition to this, dropping here will provide you a ton of areas to take cover and there are usually multiple buy stations located in the immediate area. During one round, I counted three within a two-minute walk of each other, so if you manage to get a scavenger near here, you’ll be able to quickly get your gear and get out.   2. Great Bridge

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There are a few reasons this place is great to drop in. The first is that you simply aren’t going to encounter anybody here. It’s barely a location, except those in the know will be seeking the loot boxes that are generally located underneath the bridge and that’s the spot we’re going to drop. While you won’t outfit your whole team with anything special, it’s a solid place to hit right before you charge into the chaos of the Hospital or venture anywhere else. Again, it’s not the best spot to drop, but some players like their rounds to start off conflict-free where they can create a game plan without being thrust into battle the second they land. Under the bridge is where you’ll find that solace.   1. Downtown Tavorsk District

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Although it’s located near the stadium which is essentially hell on earth, there are tons of benefits to dropping in this area. There are simply an insane amount of buildings that can give you a quick fix with an instant arsenal acquirement but that’s not the real gem of this area. The place to be in this district is the police station. Normally, you’ll find no less than 4 loot boxes in this area. The jail cells, the roof, the entrance area, and the upstairs locker area all usually have a chest to open, and to amplify this is the ever-convenient ammo restore station. This building gives a great vantage point of the area and gives you the ability to scope out snipers on nearby buildings. The police station is where I often find myself when it comes time to bunker down for the end of games, but it’s also a great place to start the round as well.   What are your favorite areas? Do you know of hidden gems nobody else knows about? Let’s talk about it below!  

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