bmx bmx LV.4 Lurker
Nov 20, 2019, 02:28 PM 50 read

This might be the next big hit.


My opinion so far on the game is that it needs some work balancing weapons. I understand that they meant for guns to be power full but some are a little to good and over used. Also camping is a huge problem. Also the maps are to big in my opinion. It takes to long to spawn and run across the map. Shoot house was a nice mix up from the big maps and is really was better overall then some of the bigger maps. The game also is gonna have seasons for levels which is replacing the prestige aspect and I think it is a nice change. The game is overall pretty solid and better then the past few cods in my opinion. Make sure to leave your guys opinions so we can “debate” about some stuff if you want. Have a great Wednesday tomorrow and a great rest of your week. -bmx

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