How to Pack-A-Punch

The most necessary thing to survive in zombies is to upgrade your guns. As the wave continues, more zombies come from all sides, so there is a limit to existing guns. You need a stronger weapon to deal with a powerful zombie. So the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar, which can strengthen guns, is very important in zombie mode.
The four maps of zombie mode differ not only in the map features but also in the strategy. The most popular map, "IX," introduces all relevant information, including how to summon the "Pack-A-Punch" altar, how to get to the altar, and how it will cost and effect gun upgrades.
■ Ring the Gong & Kill the Champion.
The first step in activating the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar in IX is to kill the champion from sounding Gong in the four altar rooms and win the head drop. You can find a gong near the wall of 'La altar', 'Daun's altar room', 'Odin altar room', and 'Zeus altar room', approach and interact win the champion You can call it.
If you have killed the corresponding champion in each altar and collected your head, it is time to head to the altar. When you are confused whether you have collected all of them, you can check the inventory. Go to the 'Temple' on the lowest level of the map and put the four heads gathered at the altar to reveal the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar.
■ Activate Pack A Punch
The temple with 'Pack-A-Punch' on the IX map is at the bottom center of the basement and can only be accessed through the 'Flooded Crypts’ and The Pit' . Because the passage is in the form of a circular ring surrounding the shrine, you can turn right and left to get to the 'Flooded Crypts’ or 'The Pit'.
However, since there is only one route to enter the temple from the flooded basement or the body pit, there are many cases where you can’t find it if you go around with zombies. If you make a mistake, the circular path will continue to spin round and round. Therefore, if you arrive in a flooded cellar or body pit, you should look closely at the room and look for the entrance to the temple. Below is a summary of the routes from the altar of each temple to reach the temple....
Now that you have all four of the heads, it’s time to make your way down to the Flooded Crypts. To reach this area, simply head down underground through any of the four towers that are situated around the arena. Once you reach the Flooded Crypts, head inside the Temple and you should see a statue with four spikes around it. Place the heads on the spikes and then they will sink into the ground, replacing the statue with the Pack-A-Punch machine.
■ Upgrade cost
Uses 5,000 points at first use, then reduces to 1,500 points.
If you activated the "Pack-A-Punch" altar in the temple, it is time to strengthen your guns. All guns require 5,000 points on initial upgrade. Second, additional upgrades can be made to 2,500 points, in which case the gun is randomly assigned a property option.
A total of four properties are known as 'Kill-O-Watt', 'Brain Rot', 'Cryo-freeze' and 'Fire bomb'. The attribute effect of additional hardening is not always triggered in an attack, and it affects the enemy in a probabilistic manner.
Kill-O-Watt : Give zombies a paralytic effect.
Brain Rot : Zombies help allies fight when applying effects.
Cryo-freeze : Reduces movement speed by freezing zombies.
Fire Bomb : A zombie explodes in flames and damages the surrounding zombies.
■ Caution
If you don't like the option given in the gun, you can change it from the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar to 2,500 points. However, since one of the four options is randomly determined, some properties are the same as the option before the change. If the 'Pack-A-Punch' altar has been strengthened four more times with a score of 2,500 points since the initial strengthening of 5,000 points, the cost will be reduced to 1,500 points.
As the initial reinforcement of the reinforced gun will fill up to the maximum amount, it can be used strategically in zombie mode, which lacks ammunition. However, since ammunition will not be charged from the second reinforcement, it should not be used indiscriminately by believing in the "Pack-A-Punch" altar.
I hope this guide will help you clear IX. If you want to see more of this post about Zombies, please follow me. (Click my profile!) Please refer to the link below because it is a series zombie guide.

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3 [Guide] How to build ‘Brazen Bull’ the shield in IX

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Black Ops 4 has been nominated in The Game Awards 2018

Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 has been nominated for three awards in The Game Awards 2018. Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 is selected as the following nominees.
🏆 Best multiplayer game
- Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4
- Destiny 2 Forsaken
- Fortnite
- Monster Hunter: World
- Sea of Thieves
🏆 Best Action Games
- Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4
- Destiny 2 Forsaken
- Dead Cells
- Far Cry 5
- Mega Man 11
🏆 Best audio design (with Dolby)
- Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4
- Forza Horizon 4
- God of War
- Marvel's Spider-man
- Red Dead Redemption 2
*The Game Awards 2018 Votes are available via links.

LV.20 S

POPULAR High Sensitivity or Low Sensitivity?

Which do you use and which do you think is better?

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles!

POPULAR Target Audience 🆚 Actual Audience

LV.25 Titan

POPULAR Nov. 13 Update summary

⭐Apply PS4 first (PC and Xbox One will be available one week later.)
Nuketown MP map added to the Nuketown playlist.
Nuketown Featured Playlist added.
Bowie Knife now available. Find and wield this classic weapon for 1-hit melee kills!
To celebrate the launch of Nuketown, Zombies now spawn on Nuketown Island with a new Zombies Supply Stash spawn location behind the Nuketown sign.
Black Market
Blackjack’s Shop added.
⭐Apply PS4 and XBOX first (with PC to follow tomorrow)
Gameplay Balance (Multiple Modes)
Submachine Guns
🔫 MX9
Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 6m (MP only).
Slightly increased ADS move speed.
Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only).
Slightly increased ADS move speed.
🔫 Cordite
Adjusted 5-hit kill range up to 3m (MP only).
Slightly increased ADS move speed.
🔫 Spitfire
Increased 6-hit kill range by 3m (MP only).
Slightly increased ADS move speed.
Assault Rifles
🔫Maddox RFB
Slightly increased recoil of 1st and 2nd shots.
Echo Fire Operator Mod: Removed recoil penalty when equipped.
Reduced idle sway.
Slightly increased 4-hit kill range by 1.5m (MP only).
🔫Rampart 17
Reduced idle sway.
Slightly reduced recoil of 1st and 3rd shots.
Increased 4-hit kill range by 3m (MP only).
Tactical Rifles
Slightly reduced delay between bursts.
Reduced idle sway.
Penta Burst Operator Mod: Now implements standard burst delay.
Light Machine Guns
Reduced ADS speed.
Increased sprint-out time.
Slightly increased hip-fire spread (MP only).
Stock: Slightly reduced movement benefits when equipped (MP only).
Sniper Rifles
🔫 Outlaw
Slightly increased fire rate.
Greatly reduced idle sway.
Slightly increased ADS speed.
Updated ADS rechamber animation to make it easier to stay on target.
Recoil now centers more reliably.
Increased base damage by 10, only affecting shots to kill an already-damaged target (MP only).
Added aim-assist while hip-firing.
🔫 Koshka
Recoil now centers more reliably after the first shot.
🔫 SG12
Reduced visual effect of Strobe Light Operator Mod.
Reduced range at which Strobe Light affects aim-assist by 50%.

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POPULAR Hommage for a legend

RIP Stan Lee
This emblem is made by Babifoot, He got incredible talent for making emblems.

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Time to kill (TTK) Spreadsheet for Multiplayer and Blackout

There is a concept called TTK in FPS games. It literally means 'time to kill an enemy'.
It is a concept that is determined sensibly by the damage of the guns, their performance, accuracy, the strength of the characters, and the moving. As most of the users who have played other games may have felt, TTK is basically quite long compared to other FPSs.
Generally, TTK short games are described as hardcore and difficult for beginners to access. Games like Rainbow Six Seeds are typical. Black Ops 4 is a relatively easy game for beginners because TTK is long.
I was excited to find it in Reddit. We can use this sheet as an objective indicator.

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/Blackops4/comments/9sfpsr/time_to_kill_ttk_spreadsheet_for_multiplayer_and/

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Comprehensive guide to "unsolved" Easter Eggs

This weekend, a recently-fired member of the Call of Duty team got revenge for his firing by posting a ton of Easter Egg leaks. His comments have since been deleted, but I've compiled all the relevant info here. I'll also link some video clips that will show you how to do the Easter Eggs. Just a note: this is all taken verbatim from the original posts and from other people's confirmation of the info. I take no credit for finding or writing these - I'm merely compiling it all into one clean post. Enjoy.
1. IX Viking Boat Easter Egg: Reward = Extra Perk
To do this Easter Egg, you must have wraith fire grenades and complete the Viking Funeral and Iron Bull.
First, use the shield to shoot the drumming gladiators during a gladiator round. You'll know it worked when it plays a guitar rift and the drummers will turn toward the arena and put their arms in the air. Next, the player has to melee nine zombies with the upgraded shield, while the blade is on fire. I believe there are one or two more steps of either using the WW or a certain trap to kill nine zombies. It's been changed multiple times since I last tested it so it may be slightly different or require a different amount of kills. A guitar rift will sound after completing each step. The physical reward I believe is just a random powerup. The main reward is that a destroyer will appear where the drummers and will appear to rocking out playing an air guitar. All destroyers will be able to play two animations; playing the air guitar and devil horns in the air.
There are several yellow text ciphers. One is in the room with the crying builder. Another in the center of the pit behind a hand that you interact with. One is in the way up in the stands on the right side of one of the podiums. One is under the center podium in the Arena. One is in one of the starting tunnels, the player will have to go down for this one. There is one that can only be seen in the stars during the Danu Tree event, I believe it's morse code based with the stars blinking. There may be a couple more that I forget. For the center podium one, I believe you have to kill a blightfather on the podium first. It may require using a certain weapon or AAT.
There is also a minor EE to change the "Bath House" to the "Blood Bath House". It requires getting about 830 kills inside of the bloody bath in Zeus Temple. The zone name will change, nothing else happens. The kill amount is the dev's son's birthday but it was last reported as changing before the amount was reached.
The crying builder is map lore and was the one who built the traps and WW against the wishes of his superiors. He was sealed in the wall alive as punishment.
You can take less trap damage by running/sliding through every trap variant (3) without taking trap damage from those traps all within the same round. Then you have to kill one of each type of enemy with a trap, except for the gladiators and blightfathers (this includes tigers and each catalyst type). Its unknown how but it can be reset so that you take damage again.
2. Voyage of Despair: Pack-a-punch active at every location at all times
To do this Easter Egg, you must first activate the sentinel at the back of the ship, activate all 4 Pack-a-punch pedestals, and get an Elemental Kraken.
There is a fish located in one of several locations. Shoot it to make it fall and interact to collect it. After each one, another will spawn in a new location. Collect six total and go to the crate on the deck that has fish on it. Interact to receive a reward.
In the engine room, use an upgraded elemental kraken to shoot the four center-most moving pistons. They will smoke and stop moving after being shoot. Six blinking red light lead to six wheel to turn. After turning all six, go in the Turbine room and interact with the switch on the wall next to the door. This unlocks the PAP at all locations.
There is a dancing Humonculus dancing on an iceberg with a flag guard next to it. The flag pattern is a morse code cipher, this can only be seen using a sniper and looking through a certain window.
There are three sheets, each corresponds to a piano near the Grand Staircase, one is in the Dining Hall. After placing all three, quickly melee all three pianos and then the mystery box with your special weapon (doesn't have to be the same player). This allows the player to temporarily be able to switch their special weapon via the mystery box. This can be done repeatedly every round.
Stay under water for 30 seconds and there will be about a 5% chance every three seconds of a verse playing. After a verse plays, you have to wait three minutes to hear another.
3. Blood of the Dead (Note: these are new steps, but the Easter Egg hasn't been totally completed yet)
You can upgrade the Golden Spork to the Sprknife and it is the most difficult/arduous EE in BO4. To do this, obtain the Golden Spork and go to the bathtub/tub of blood in the room next to New Industries (near the first fast travel). Now get 100 melee kills with the Golden Spork near this tub. When completed, a skeleton hand will rise out. Interact with it to place the Golden Spork. Now there will be three stones of different colors spawned around the map. The player has to find these stones. One at a time, the player must place a stone at its corresponding trap (acid, blade, or fan trap) and then get 100 kills near the trap. Once all three traps are completed, a gold colored stone will spawn. The player must take the golden stone to the skeleton hand. Interact and it will change to the Sprknife. These steps may have been slightly altered since the last time I did them, the 100 kills near the tub may be before or after (or both) the stones.
The minor EE are mainly tiny pieces of artwork that can be found by using certain attacks on certain objects. Such as; Use the Flamethrower's Tornado on the desk across from the mystery box in Administration, the Katana's Dash on a bookshelf in Library. You can activate your special weapon next to or melee with the golden spork the two signs in Michigan Avenue and Times Square (I forget which attack is for which).
4. Classified: Samantha Easter Egg
After completing the Punch Card EE, go back to the military base. As Dempsey (only he can do this), throw a frag grenade (frag only) at the door of the large warehouse (opposite side of jump scare). Dempsey will say a quote. Leave the area, return, throw another frag, I believe this can be done five times for different quotes.
In the basement, go in the room with the projector. Stand in the corner across from the projector (corner next to table). Samantha will give her version of the Crooked Man Riddle.

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5. Shot Flashes Anywhere! SG12

Hi Moot ARMY
I'm back again. I'm posting a gun that suits you with more precise information and an apt examples. Today, I choose this shotgun that perhaps 90 percent of you guys you haven't used
In multiplayer mode, there is a weapon that contains a special part called 'Operate Mode'. In the case of general attachments, it has a simple effect of increasing the speed of fire or reducing the kickback of the weapon. However, the Operate mode adds special effects to weapons to enhance the weapon's personality. The weapon to be introduced today, 'SG12', is also a weapon with an operational mode.
Since SG12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, it can be fired quickly. Compared to the pump action shotgun MOG 12, the damage is low, but it is supplemented with a rapid-fire. Moreover, depending on the fitting settings, a single bullet can load up to 14 rounds, which can generate high firepower in close combat.
SG12 is a shotgun that is open at account level 31. The same shotgun type, MOG 12, focuses on killing enemies with one shot, while the SG 12 focuses on fast talk. So the pump action MOG 12 is very fatal once you miss it, but even if you miss it, the semi-automatic SG12 is enough to complement it.
One of the biggest features of the SG12 is the “Strobe Light” which is the operation mode. With a flashlight, you can use a flash that hinders the enemy's field of view instead of aiming fire. The flashing effect is weak compared to Ajax's 9-bang, but a flashlight that interrupts your sight suddenly during battle is enough to panic the enemy. However, since the position of the flashlight is exposed by the light of the flashlight, caution should be exercised
SG12 is rapid-fire gun, but there is a huge backlash. Therefore, it is common to use a point shot rather than a aiming shot. However, due to the characteristics of the shotgun, it is very difficult to adjust to the aiming fire even if it is a little away from the enemy because the sight line is wide open when it is aiming fire. In order to compensate for this, the necessary parts are Laser Sight I and II'
Laser Sight can improve the accuracy of aiming shots. In particular, Laser Sight II is highly efficient because it maximizes the accuracy of the intended shot and increases the amount of carbon damage. The short range of SG12 can be supplemented to some extent by using ‘Long Barrel’ that increases the effective range.
‘Gung-Ho’ is one of the specialties that goes well with SG12. ‘Gung-Ho’ enables fre your weapon and use equipment while sprinting. Also recover from sprint faster and move at full speed while reloading.. Furthermore, the effect of 'Laser Point II' does not reduce the accuracy of the point shot during the movement
If you want to maximize your mobility, you can also remove one component and add either ‘Lightweight’ or ‘Dexterity’ of Perk 2. The effective range will be reduced due to the disappearance of Long Barrel, but the map which mainly focuses on close combat shows higher efficiency.
[Operate Mode, Strobe Light]
‘Strobe Light’ is an offer mode that can be used when SG12 is at its maximum level (10). When installed, the right mouse button flashes the flashlight instead of the aiming shot, thus turning it into an effect that interferes with the enemy's field of vision. However, ‘Strobe Light’ are not available during spurt, so this combination does not recommend the perk of 'Gung-Ho'.
The visual disturbance effect of the Strobe Light is applied at the enemy point so that the upper body of the enemy using the flashlight is hardly visible, but only the lower body is lightly visible. In addition, since the afterimage of the flash remains for about one second, the use of a flashlight is likely to disperse the enemy's gaze while moving to the left or right.
There is only one perk that can be used because of the lack of slot margin due to operation mode. It is recommended that you use the "Engineer" or "Tactical Mask" of perk 1 in this slot, and you may use other prizes according to your taste.

If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:
1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7
2. Mr. Powerful MOG 12
3. Hades, The King of Hip-fire
4. VAPR, An assassinable balance protector!

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Preparations are necessary to survive!

Preparations are necessary to survive! Good to know before you start zombie mode
👉 Zombie mode 'Map' and 'Class'
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's zombie mode has many unfamiliarities with other modes. New words such as Elixirs, Perk, Special weapons, Talisman, and unfamiliar gameplay can be felt before starting. I have become familiar with zombie mode through tutorials, but I expect many users will not know where to exchange or install the above mentioned items.
So the tutorial will tell you what to prepare before playing the zombie mode, from illusion and creation to item mounting. Now, let's make a thorough preliminary preparation to prevent the attack of zombies and succeed in survival.
Currently there are four types of maps in Zombie mode: 'Voyage of Despair', 'IX', 'Blood of the Dead' and 'Classified'. Among these, Voyage of Despair and IX are called 'Chaos Story', and Blood of the Dead and Classified is called 'Aether Story'. Chaos story and ether story are similar in basic play style, and Elixirs and Perks items are the same. However, each map has its own strategy of attack, and the special weapons used in Chaos Story and Ether Story are different.
Aether Story 'Devil Dog / Kaminari / Doctor' and Chaos Story 'Guardian / Berserker / Tempest' and other illnesses are set examples of potions and benefits. Depending on the illness, the profession or ability is not disturbed, and you can replace it with your desired potions and benefits, weapons, and equipment. If you are unfamiliar with zombie mode, just use the settings. After some play, you can change Perk and Elixirs to your own.
👉 Elixirs and Talismans to help battle
As I've done it before overview(https://moot.us/lounges/9/boards/49/posts/351913).
Elixirs are buffs potions that can be used to play zombie mode and are divided into Classic, Common, Rare, Legend, and Epic. Four potions can be used during the game, and you can have your favorite potions before you start zombie mode. There are 15 classic potions that can be re-used after a defined cooldown time has elapsed. Potions from normal to heroes are all consumables, which can be obtained by consuming certain goods at the laboratory. It is better than the classic potion, but it needs to be careful because it disappears once it is used.
Talismans are a kind of permanent buff that is consumed at the beginning of a game and gives a beneficial effect until the end. You can use the goods at the lab and attach the amulets you want to use in the bottle and creation windows. There are four classes of talisman: General, Rare, Legend, and Epic. There are 15 general rank, 8 rare, 6 legend, and 3 heroes, and it has a powerful effect like starting a match with a light machine gun, which is a key factor in achieving high difficulty.
Perk Statue of Chaos Story
Perk vending machine of Aether Story
Think of Perk as 'passive' to get the game playing. In the case of a chaos story, the 'Aether story can be purchased to earn rewards with a vending machine, but the benefits obtained from each perk Statue can be specified in advance in ‘Create A Class’ menu.
Benefits are not permanent passive. As you play zombie mode, if you lose all of your health, you will immediately lose one of your perk, and later the resurrection will be delayed. The lost privilege can be purchased again from the Perk Statue
The weapons that can be set up through in ‘Create A Class’ menu. are divided into special weapons, equipment, and starting weapons. First, special weapons are powerful weapons that only appear in the zombie mode, and correspond to the death or ultimate period. A total of eight special weapons, four in each of the Chaos Story and the Ether Story, are available. Step by step weapon effects are as follows.
👉 Special Weapons of Aether Story
* Hellfire
Stage 1: Flamethrower - Liquid Napalm is sprayed to slow enemy and continuously burns.
Stage 2 Blast Vent : Fires compressed air to push enemies and slows down powerful zombies
Stage 3 : Infernal Tempest - Summons a Tornado of flames to instantly kill enemies on the path.
* Overkill
Stage 1:Onslaut : Ammunition penetrates things, player and nearby friendly stamina regeneration speed increases, but movement speed decreases
Stage 2 : Grenade Launcher - Fires a grenade to instantly defeat enemies within the blast radius
Stage 3 : Tactical Nuke Set to self-destruct mode, thrown to the enemy, nuclear explosion, all players acquired score
* Path of Sorrows
Stage 1 : Kaze Slash - Cut your enemies down. Increases your movement speed whild drawn.
Stage 2 :Merciless Dash - Raise to the enemy with a sword, great damage to the enemy and stunned
Stage 3 : Shadow of Death - Becomes invisible to the enemy by the power of the sword
* Ragnarok DG-5
Stage 1 : Shock Slam - Generate shock waves by inserting spikes. If a zombie touches spikes,
Stage 2 : Electrocute - A powerful electric field around the enemy to damage and slow down
Stage 3 :Power Plant - Place spikes to create powerful electromagnetic fields, slow down and damage in your area, players will automatically resurrect and do not lose any benefits
👉 Special Weapons of Chaos Story
* Chakrams of Vengeance
Stage 1: Flawless Vision - The thrown Chakram automatically bounces back towards additional targets. S
tage 2: Velocity - Movement speed increases while using Chakram.
Stage 3: Lacerating Whirlwind - Causes a lethal whirl around.
* Hammer of Valhalla
Stage 1: Thunder Strike - Wielding a hammer to blow away enemies, gain protection gloves that are played whenever an opponent attacks.
Stage 2: Storm Barrier – Summons a lightning storm that stuns nearby enemies
Stage 3: Lighting Boi - Destroy enemies by causing extensive lightning.
* Scepter of Ra
Stage 1: Ray of Life: Shoot a focused beam of energy that slows and burns goes and heals allies. It can even revive Players who are down
Stage 2: Vigor - Acquire resistance to property damage and state effects while the Scepter is activated
Stage 3: Shining Beacon - Creates a shield, slows and damages enemies within the shield, and the friend is resurrected and does not lose the benefit.
* Viper and Dragon
Stage 1: Viper Dragon - Longer sword wielding like a whip, powerful medium shot shot
Stage 2: Embers: Deals additional damage for a short time after use
Stage 3: Viper Bite: Shoot the pieces of the blade to surround the enemy, snatch the enemy
Special weapons can’t be worn between players, and four people must be equipped with different weapons, depending on the ether story and the chaos story. You can use it as a LB key(console), and if you want to use it again, you must kill the zombie and completely fill the special weapon gauge.
There are five types of equipment that can be equipped in zombie mode. Initially, you can only use a ‘Frag', but the higher the level, the more powerful equipment like 'claymore' or 'Sentry' is destroyed. You can use it as an RB key (Console) during the game, and you can select the equipment you want to take from The create a class menu.
In the create a class menu, you can also choose the starting weapon of the zombie mode. At first, only the "WELLING" revolver is given, but when the character level goes up, four secondary weapons, one assault rifles and one submachine gun are opened. You can increase your chances of survival by choosing the right weapon for yourself.
👉 Laboratory and Armory
Laboratory sells three mixtures: Carbon Combo, Argon Array and Palladium Package. Classic, rare, legendary, and epic-rated potions, except the classic potions, are available here. Rather than buying the desired potion directly, it is a way to consume a certain amount of goods and get it at random.
Talismans are also acquired at random, like potions, and you can’t buy the necessary amulets. Yet, amulets have no other acquisition path other than to consume goods at random and pick them up at the lab. However, in the carbon combo and the Argon herd consuming 30 pieces and 45 pieces of goods respectively, the talismans are stolen, while the "Palladium Package" consuming 75 pieces is guaranteed one amulet. So if you want to get a definite charm, I recommend you to buy a palladium package.
In Armory, you can attach attachments of firearms used in zombie mode. Attachment can’t be equipped from the beginning, the higher the character level, the more guns are thrown and the higher the level of the firearm, the more attachments you can get. Since the gun level is raised when the enemy is killed in the zombie mode, it is advantageous to use the preferred weapon in the early stage to quickly dismantle the attachment
I am going to try posting about zombie mode with gun guide in the future. If you want to see more of this post, please follow me. (Click my profile!) Please refer to the link below because it is a series zombie guide

1. [Guide] Overview of Zombies

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POPULAR 6. CORDITE, Continued strong penetration

Greetings! Moot soldiers!
Winter is coming Be careful of the cold if you get sick, you can't even hold controller btw.
In FPS game like Black Ops 4, the gun capacity of the gun is a very important factor. If the magazine capacity is large, the number of reloading is reduced, and the burden is reduced even if the engagement with the enemy becomes longer. Especially, the sub machine gun (SMG) which is fast in bullet consumption due to the fast continuous shooting speed is often affected by the magazine capacity.
"CORDITE" to introduce today is a submachine gun that is bullet-consuming fast. However, CORDITE has the richest magazine among submachine guns, and its capacity is not much different from that of a light machine gun. So even if you battle with many enemies you are less burdened by the magazine capacity
■ Introduction
CORDITE "is a sub machine gun open to account level 40. The basic magazine capacity is 60 bullets so that the burden is less if the enemy's battle becomes longer, and if you use a large capacity magazine, the magazine capacity will increase to 90 shots. Secondly in the sub machine gun, the second largest magazine capacity GKS is 56 shots even if you use the magazine capacity, you can know that the magazine capacity of CORDITE is significantly larger.
The full auto shooting speed is a bit slower than SPITFIRE and SAUG 9 MM. However, if the difference is small, use of inexpensive parts can improve continuous shooting speed. One of the advantages is that you can easily destroy Torque’s Razor Wirewire, barricade and ground continuous score bonus when using AP Rounds.
■ Most balanced combination
For the most balanced use of CORDITE, I recommend a combination of " Laser Sight + Grip + Rapid fire" combination. Increasing point shooting / aiming shooting efficiency and continuous shooting speed through three parts creates a balanced weapon in terms of ability value. In the case of 90 shots magazine capacity CORDITE's basic magazine capacity is high, so the priority is low.
"Long Barrel" may be used to improve middle range shooting efficiency, but CORDITE has a shorter basic range and Long Barrel efficiency is lower. Therefore, instead of Long Barrel, I recommend to add HELLION SALVO as an auxiliary weapon, or to add a sight / benefit according to your preference.
■ Destroys enemy armors.
AP Rounds II is a part that maximizes penetrating forces of walls and objects and increases the damage of the moving means and equipment. It is a part that is mainly used for light machine gun TITAN, but CORDITE is also one of the weapons that can use the previous AP Rounds II.
By using AP Rounds II , default damage will not increase. However, you can penetrate the enemy's armor and damage it, most walls can penetrate. So when putting one wall and fighting back the enemy's wall during battle, it often goes through the wall and exterminates as it is. Combined with UAV, sensor darts and vision pulses, you can pretreat the future enemies secretly back in the wall.
Also, AP Rounds II will greatly help destroying enemy devices / continuous scorestreak as damage to equipment and equipment increases. The razor wire and barricade of the Torque that interferes with the movement can be destroyed in the magazine and breakthrough is possible without HELLION SALVO.
Due to the characteristics of the sub machine gun, it is a little difficult to destroy a droned flying drones, UAV, but attack Chopper and Sniper’s Nest that fly lower than that can safely be destroyed. Therefore it is not bad to use aiming and benefits additionally except for HELLION SALVO when using , AP Rounds.
■ Forget about reload
CORDITE's operator mode "Belt-Feed" has the effect of changing the magazine to 600 bullets belts. "Using Belt-Feed eliminates the need to reload, but adds an overheat gauge. The overheat gauge will not rest and if you shoot about 70 shots, it will fire for about 7-8 seconds at maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the overheat gauge so that the overheat gauge does not rise to the maximum even if the reload disappears.
The biggest advantage of Belt-Feed is that the reload will disappear. Even if the aiming ability is excellent, anyone in defense is in the middle of relaying the reload. However, if you use Belt - Feed, reloading and risk itself will disappear, so the burden will be greatly reduced.
It is also a great advantage that the magazine capacity increases by 600 bullets. It is difficult to compare the basic magazine capacity of CORDITE with 600 shots of the belt even if it is said that three 60 magazines are relaxed. Of course it is rare to consume both 600 legs with one life. However, just by having more bullets left constantly, battle efficiency will increase significantly.

If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:
1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7
2. Mr. Powerful MOG 12
3. Hades, The King of Hip-fire
4. An assassinable balance protector!
5. Shot Flashes Anywhere! SG12

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POPULAR How to get to your destination quickly and remotely.

How to get to your destination quickly and remotely.
Most importantly, when you first drop out of the helicopter, go straight down.If you tilt the L-stick up and look at the point of view to the ground, it's going to fall vertically.
If you look to the right, you'll see that the current m/s will rise and you'll see the arrow going up to three levels.The speed of the second is literally how many meters per second you travel, and the arrow indicates that the third stage is the fastest descent to the ground.
If you put three arrows on the vertical drop at the first drop, it would be about six to 70 meters per second. With the speed up first, keep the speed and arrows alive and close to the horizontal, so you can go very far and fast.
When a lot of people come to land in one area, the player, who's quickly acquired guns, can easily beat the opponent who's running for punch. Landing at the destination as quickly as possible is the first step to victory.


LV.20 S

POPULAR Is PC more competitive than Console?

I'm not gonna weigh in myself cause I've been exclusively playing on PC for so long I can't really compare the two. I hear people say that mouse+keyboard is a huge advantage, does this mean that it's also more competitive? Curious what you guys think.

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POPULAR What I feel like when I'm using Akimbo


LV.22 Mootiversary!

POPULAR I made a moot Emblem

I know it's absurd but it's just prototype of team moot emblem 😂
I'll trim it a little bit later and post it again.
Team moot go get'em!


LV.22 I’m the champion!

POPULAR Let's drill


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How long will BO4 be popular?

As we all know, Call of Duty releases a new game every single year. Will this hurt the longevity of Black Ops 4? Do you think there's any chance that CoD will decide not to release a game next year so that they can focus on keeping BO4 relevant?

LV.21 Poppin’ Bottles!


Anyone else think they should add some sort of filter for join matches mid-game? It's not fun joining to attack helicopters and strike team with a team losing by 150 points

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More Detailed Black Ops Update Article

LV.22 PlayStation


Black Ops 4 is a game that team play is important because it has characteristics such as s a specialist-focused weapon concept and a growing proportion of assist in scorestreaks. The assist was changed to get the same score as Kill. In the previous game, if the assist was literally aided, Black Ops 4 could help the team with assist. Though the difference was in the return medal, The Black Ops 4 took an extraordinary adventure, almost eliminating the ten-year gap between kill and assist..This venture appears to have come after trying to resolve the mode selection trend. It is because of the tendency of the previous works to Team Death Match or Kill Confirmed that could be more important to kill an individual. The result is successful. Black Ops 4 succeeded in eliminating much of the 'killer attention', which is the chronic weakness of multiplayer PVP games based on gunfight, and increasing the fun of other rules that emphasize cooperation.
The Black Ops 4 specialist is closer to the over-watch hero design. The specialist's unique equipment and unique weapons have enhanced their personality and performance, and since they can only be used during the cool-time period, they often have to be specialists. Crash is a character that shows the restorative system of the changed Black Ops 4. It is a character that helps the team with the Assault pack.And TAK-5 is a unique tool of Crash that can boost team's maximum strength and make stronger.
Treyarch has successfully re-established itself as a team-played multi-playing game, giving up the spectacular Single campaign and kill-oriented game design that has supported the series for 10 years. Most of all, it is certainly commendable that he tried to precisely identify and improve the entire framework without relying on the freshness and completeness of the new mode of Blackout.

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Stats Tracker

These two sites seem to be famous, where are the two more accurate? What do you prefer? The reason is that?

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BO4: Assault Rifles vs SMGs

You’d think that SMGS could be useful, but I feel like they are underpowered (this excludes broken akimbo SMG builds). That’s just me though. Here’s an interesting video the differences between ARs and SMGs.

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Videogamedunkey plays Black Ops 4

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POPULAR 4. VAPR, An assassinable balance protector!

Assault rifles are the most balanced weapon of all kinds. Because all abilities are evenly distributed, such as damage amount, range, speaker speed, and accuracy, near-, medium-, and long-distance competition is possible. Among them, I think VAPR-XKG (hereinafter "VAPR") if you choose the most balanced weapon.
VAPR has a capability similar to the first assault rifle, ICR-7 and is a weapon with increased speed of combustion. So compared to machine-gun firearms, they make up for their weakness in short range. Instead, the reaction grew more than the ICR-7, but the reaction is less than other weapons, making it difficult to see the difference.
Balanced assault rifle VAPR-XKG in all respects
VAPR is an assault rifle that opens at account level 37. It has balanced ability even without components and it has the fastest speaker speed next to MADDOX RFB. However, unlike the specialized MADDOX RFB, the VAPR is a slightly more advanced form of close combat capability while maintaining the ability to engage in mid-range warfare.
Depending on the combination, it can be operated as an assassination weapon!
VAPR is a combination of various types of weaponry such as 'Long Barrel', 'Rapid Fire' and 'Fast Mags' to increase the speed and speed of shooting, 'High Caliber' to increase the headshot damage, and 'Suppressor' Parts can be used. The most specific part of them is Stock I and II.
Part of the VAPR includes 'Stock I and II' that carry only three of the weapons. When used together with Stock I and II, the movement speed increases while aiming and remains on target even when jumping, landing and prone. Unlike other assault rifles that are restricted when shooting a shot, several actions are possible even during shooting.
If you use two parts together, you can keep aiming even if you take actions such as jump, landing, or dropping during aim shooting. It is easy to say that the efficiency of the 'drop shot' which suddenly leans and fires during the fighting becomes higher.
The drop shot is one of the ways to increase one's survival rate by dissecting the enemy's aim in combat. However, in Black Ops 4, using a drape shot during a aiming shot releases the aiming, but when using the Stock I and II together, the aiming condition is maintained even when lying down during the aiming shot. Therefore, if you want to increase the efficiency of a drop shot, it is recommended that you use both the stocks.
In addition, the components of the VAPR include a Suppressor. Therefore, if you use the ghost and static of the special 3 along with the Suppressor, you can use a combination of assassinations that you cannot detect in the mini-map unless you stop moving.
Even when lying down during battle with the enemy, the aim is maintained to increase the efficiency of the drop shot
From the enemy's point of view, it's easy to panic as the enemy suddenly leaves the line of sight.
If you use one of the sights and three of the accessories on the VAPR, you will have the option to use one secondary weapon and two perks. In addition, 'HELION SALVO' and 'Engineer+Cold Blood' make it easy to destroy enemy equipment/continuous scorestreaks.
VAPR tends to consume faster ammunition, and if you are using 'Rapid Fire', the ammunition will run out faster. If it is necessary to make up for this, it is also worth considering 'Scavenger' in Perk 1. If you don't want to use 'Scavengers', you can also select the specialist 'Crash' to supplement with the 'Assault Pack'.
Part of the VAPR includes a 'Suppressor' that reduces noise and gun glare during shooting. If a Suppressor is used, it is easier to avoid enemy tracking because it does not appear on the mini-map during shooting. Instead, the range is slightly reduced, but the VAPR uses a Suppressor to facilitate the range and can be supplemented with an Long Barrel.
A good benefit to use with a Suppressor is 'Ghost + Dead Silence'. 'Ghost' has the effect of not being detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting, or defusing bombs, or controlling streaks, and 'Dead Silence' has the effect of not detecting sound sensor by reducing footsteps. If you are using a silencer here, it will be very difficult for the enemy to find his position unless he is a sensor dart or vision pulse.
If you want to maximize the efficiency of the assassination combination, it is a good idea to use the 'Counter UAV' in the continuous scorestreaks. The Counter UAV has the effect of disturbing the enemy mini map for a certain period of time, so it is highly compatible with the Ninja combination.
If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:
1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7
2. Mr. Powerful MOG 12
3. Hades, The King of Hip-fire

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Free Face Camos (Limited Time)

So I just found out about this.
This is all in zombies.
There a face camos that you can unlock for doing certain tasks.

To unlock this you have to get 1500 zombie kills.
This is the first of the 4 tasks.

To get this you have to survive 100 rounds.

This is the 2nd task.

To unlock this camo you have to get 1000 headshot kills.

3rd task.

To get this one you have to get 1000 kills with a re-packed weapon. (Pack-a-punch a weapon then pack-a-punch it again)

This is the final one.

The challenges are time consuming and there’s about 4 days left on PS4 to get them.
I have no clue about Xbox on PC.
I’m only half on the Cthulhu challenge and only half way through the Halloween tiers on Multiplayer.
Time to grind.

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POPULAR Players in BO4 in a nutshell

LV.5 Midnight Kiss

POPULAR Matchmaking be like



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The worst specialist

Set why his appearance is different between poster and in game aside.
This quack is super useless
1. He don't have a dog
2. He don't have a shield which make you stand 30 seconds in corner.
3. Even Firebreak do a radiation something.
4. He just give you stupid ammo magazine.
5. He can heal your wounds but game is still same. It does not overturn victory.
If someone of my team choose this jobless, I would curse him heavily.

LV.19 Best Squadmate

POPULAR The perfect balance


LV.22 Mootiversary!

POPULAR Bye bye grind Hello fun

I gotta hand it to Black Ops 4 for making the game fun right from the get go. I never played the other Black Ops games with Modern Warfare 3 being my first. What I appreciate the most is getting full loadout picks at level freaking 5.
The system is different from what I recall, so it's interesting to see the 10 item limit for balancing reasons I presume. I remember the grindfest in Modern Warfare if I wanted to use a particular gun or a perk. Even when I got to max level I didn't stick around too long to play with the guns and perks I was chasing. I felt like I was done and at the same time unsatisfied. So I fire up multiplayer to begin the grind towards unlocking class creation. I start to make my class and notice I could pick every single weapon. I thought it was a mistake but created my custom class anyways. Get into another game and my loadout is right there, I couldn't believe it. Damn it feels good to play with anything I want and am glad this is the new way to enjoy the game. I have reason to prestige! Well the reason was the same for Modern Warfare except you lose all your weapons. Wanted to get that out. It's time to keep PLAYING!

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