POPULAR ♦️Lounge Guidelines♦️

Welcome, Soldier to the Call of Duty Lounge! In this brief introduction I will show you how to navigate the Lounge and what guidelines you should follow to ensure a fun time while in the lounge!


1) Highlights: You can find most popular posts in this board.

2) General: Just an all-around place for people to speak of the game series.

3) Looking For Team: You can look for any team here but please make sure you specify as to which game you wish to play with others.

4) Blackout: Tips and tricks for the blackout series as well as people's highlights for the multiplayer mode of blackout can be found here. You can also search for like-minded people who wish to play this game mode together in this board.

4) Zombies: Where people post about zombies for any game that includes Zombies mode.

5) Memes: Memes-a-plenty but one can simply only post Call of Duty related memes.

6) Promotions: Post all you want of your social media accounts, live streams, and this will also be a place for promoting your Clans.


1) No sexually explicit content- This means nothing with nudity or anything that is sexually suggestive.

2) No racism- It isn't funny or cool and nobody is going to put up with it.

3) No Personal Info Sharing- Do not share information such as a personal address, information for game sharing, phone numbers, ect.

4) No Witch Hunts- Do not post other users' personal information or make posts to insult/harm other users. Just because someone has a certain view about something doesn't mean an entire group of people can gang up and make a person feel horrible.

5) No Threats- Plain and simple. No threats to anyone with any physical, emotional, or cyber violence (ex. hacking).

6) Correct Boards- Please make sure you post things in the right boards. (ex. A post about zombies for any game should be in the Zombies board and not in general or competitive).

We are a great community and plan to keep it that way. So if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask any of the moderators.

LV.22 Xbox