POPULAR BO4: Player creates an interactive map for Blackout - It shows you where things are located

I found a really cool interactive map for Blackout mode that shows you were important items are located. It's fully interactive. Hopefully it helps. Good luck hunting my fellow operators!
Here's a screenshot of the map:
Here's the link to the map:

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POPULAR Blackout Is The Game That PUBG Was Supposed To Be

PUBG is a massive failure. Yes it broke records, yes it sold over 50 million copies, and yes it had over 400 million players at its peak. PUBG is still a failure. Despite its successes, PUBG got outshined by its “copycat” competitors, most notably Fortnite.
PUBG has maintained at least some degree of gaming relevance, particularly overseas, but domestically Fortnite has reigned supreme and it isn’t close. Which is pretty shocking considering that Fortnite never was intended as a direct competitor to PUBG. Even though they were members of the same fledgling genre, it was clear from aesthetics alone that PUBG and Fortnite would appeal to different audiences. PUBG for the hardcore competitive fans of shooting games and Fortnite for those that don’t mind interrupting their warfare with a quick game of virtual golf. Then comes Blackout.
Remember when people were saying that Black Ops 4’s Blackout would be the Fortnite killer? Well Fortnite’s still here and it’s not showing any signs of leaving. Which of course, isn’t surprising. Blackout was never going to be the Fortnite killer, it was going to be the PUBG killer. Offering the same competitive and aesthetic appeal that PUBG promised, Blackout capitalized on PUBG’s endless series of self-inflicted wounds to deliver the final killing blow.
Players didn’t leave PUBG because they didn’t like the game, they left it because the game was unplayable. They left because PUBG refused to address the complaints of the players, fix the bugs, and optimize the game. With a massive franchise like Call of Duty, gamers can rest assured that their complaints will be heard and quickly addressed. For the first time in a long time, Call of Duty cares about their game. They know this is their chance to secure relevancy for the next generation and they're doing everything they can to make the best game they can. Call of Duty went all-in on Blackout. And they won.

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POPULAR BO4: We've got our first high profile ban - DRUNKKZ3 (Florian Le Bihan a Battlefield 5 Dev)

So we've got our first high profile ban. A player by the name of DRUNKKZ3 (AKA Florian Le Bihan a Battlefield 5 Dev) was recently banned. It should be noted that he was a former pro-player. Now for the next bit, he was accused of cheating for being too good at the game. Well no shit lol, he was a pro-player. I highly doubt that he was cheating. He's just really good at the game, and getting headshots lol. Leave the man alone, and unban him.

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POPULAR The best fucking emblem I saw on Reddit

Shit🤣 Almost laughed myself to death🤣🤣🤣

LV.20 Boo!

POPULAR What always happens to me


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POPULAR What do you guys like to snack on while playing BO4?

This might be an unusual question to ask here, but I just wanted to know this for fun. Like I said in the title, what snacks do you eat while you're playing BO4? I personally grab a bowl of popcorn since it doesn't really feel that heavy to snack on for hours. Just a bowl though, nothing more than that.

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POPULAR 1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7

Hi! I am instructor Marcus T who will be posting several guides in the future.
Stable fire through less recoil! Multiplayer recommended ICR-7 Custom.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer mode offers a variety of weapons. If you add both the main weapon and the secondary weapon, there are about 20 kinds of weapons, and you can make your own custom settings through illness and creation.
However, in the multiplayer mode, a pick 10 system is available that can mount items in up to 10 slots, including weapons, accessories, equipment, specials, and wild cards. Because of this, you need to worry about what kind of weapons to use, which parts to attach, and what to use with the equipment and benefits when customizing.
If the pick 10 system is unfamiliar, it will be difficult to know how to make custom settings. So I want to take a look at the customs that users often use and how to set them up. The first custom-made custom is the ICR-7, an assault rifle that anyone can use easily.
'ICR-7' is the first assault rifle ready to be used immediately when it reaches level 5, where sickness and creation are open. It can be used only at 5th level, and it has balanced overall stats, making it a very suitable weapon for beginners to use.
The biggest advantage of the ICR-7 is that it has very low rebound and very high accuracy. Compared to the stats, the accuracy of all weapons boasts the best of all. It is a weapon that can play a role in middle and long distance engagement because it is stable regardless of the distance.
The ICR-7 is equipped with 6 types of sights and 6 accessories. In the case of the sneaker, you can choose according to your preference, and the recommended parts are "grip II" and " Extended Mags".
Grip II reduce rebound when aiming fire, and barrel extension increases the distance at which damage begins to decrease. These parts can further reduce the recoil of the ICR-7, which has fewer recoil from the beginning, and accumulate damage to distant enemies more reliably.
However, Extended Mags is an open accessory to Level 9 of ICR-7, making it difficult to use while raising the weapon's level.
ICR-7 Custom is an effective custom when you are waiting for the enemy while aiming for the enemy, and not the melee combat. Therefore, it is better to set the benefits accordingly.
In Perk 1 (Blue), 'Engineer' and 'Tactical Mask' are recommended. Engineers can detect enemy equipment and sequential score bonuses beyond the wall. In particular, it increases the chances of survival by allowing you to grasp the invisible enemy attacks such as Mesh mines and RC-XD in advance. If you use a launcher as a secondary weapon, you can quickly identify and destroy enemy equipment and your sequential score bonus location
Tactical masks increase resistance to various crowd control effects. Especially, Ajax's 9-Bang, which have a powerful crowd control effect, are very dangerous on the battlefield, but can be used to some extent by using a tactical mask. I usually recommend engineers, but in the base mode, where tactics are fought at certain places, the tactical mask is not bad either.
In Perk 2 (green), 'Dexterity' is recommended. Agility increases weapon accuracy when weapon replacement, sliding, and riding speed increase, and when jumping or climbing obstacles. No matter which weapon you use, it is a privilege that boasts more than average efficiency. If you cannot open the agility privilege, you may consider "Lightweight " to increase your speed.
Perk 3 (red) does not have the effect to use for the ICR-7 custom. Depending on your tastes, you can use 'Ghost', which is not detected by the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, or ‘Dead Silence’, which reduces your footsteps.
If you want to see more of my gun reviews, check the hashtag and click on the link below:
1. Multiplayer recommended ICR-7
2. Mr. Powerful MOG 12
3. Hades, The King of Hip-fire
4. VAPR, An assassinable balance protector!

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POPULAR BO4's Narrator is Hilarious

Man am I loving the fact that BO4 is owning up how cheesy/silly COD can be. Kotaku just came out with a video about the funny things that BO4's narrator says. More games honestly should have funny narrators. I'd love to play a serious game with funny narration. Imagine playing the new Resident Evil 2 Remake with a funny narrator. I know that it would kill the horror and the suspense, but a funny narrator could turn that game into a campy horror story. Anyways, enjoy the funny narrator!

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I was Wrong About BO4 - BO4 is The Second Coming COD

Man oh man was I wrong about BO4 being a good game (I played the beta & played a friend's copy). I was one of those COD fans who stopped playing COD before Modern Warfare 3 & BO3 came out. I loved all of the COD games going up to and including Modern Warfare 2 & BO2. Over time I played a bit of the newer CODs, but I could never get into them. BO4 is the first time in years that I've actually enjoyed playing COD. I was super skeptical about BO4 because the previous games were just meh. I was like BO4 is just going to be more of the same, but I was wrong. I'm glad that I was wrong. I think that I'm a believer in COD again, and that COD has come again.

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POPULAR Call of Duty WWII cover art, Hand-drawn by me! (My name is Arben Gilaj btw!)

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POPULAR So, you're trying to find Teammates!?

Hey folks!
I see a lot of you really wanna find some teammates fast and get into the grind right away!
Remember to post in the correct boards when looking for Teammates, and don't forget that Moot has a built-in LFG (Looking for group/game) feature that will help you find your perfect squad even faster!
Check the options at the top of the Lounge!
If you comment on this post with your gamertag/username/etc you hereby admit to not reading this post!

(You're still welcome to use the comments here to do so 😉)
Now get out there and find your teams!

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POPULAR For those who are on the fence about blackout...don’t be.

Every since I can remember popping my collar in call of duty multiplayer, the maps have been small, cramped, narrow, and very limited in playable area.
Recall your experience with these maps. Remember those buildings that look very cool, but you couldn’t even get into? Those ledges you wish you could climb into? That cool looking area that was closed off by some magical barrier summoned by powerful never before seen wizards?

Seriously tho!! I’ve always wanted the freedom of traversing these maps, climbing on top of the roofs, climbing over a certain fence, flanking the enemy team in a route of my OWN making.
Call of duty’s formula for maps have been growing stale for the longest time and it’s obvious. Everyone knows it.

And guess what?!?


Just think about it, that fast paced movement, optimized gameplay, well developed mechanics call of duty offers and has been doing for YEARS mastering this formula, and throwing it into a HUGE free roam map!!
You can climb any building, any fence, seamlessly move from area to area and have no barrier limits, and make your own path to taking down that pest of an enemy.

You are no longer FORCED to play a map a certain way. You’re not funneled into hot spots in a map. It’s completely open for improvisation and it’s glorious.

A typical BR match runs 15-20 minutes if you’re lucky to last that long. 😈
So with these long matches, it only makes sense for the gameplay to be fast paced to help have a sense of speed and excitement. Its a formula for success just brewing.
How could blackout NOT be fun!?
Treyarch changed the formula. It broke the invisible barrier. It’s sitting there, ready, waiting on YOU!

What’s not to like about this?! Seriously, tell me in the comments. Voice your opinion and discuss. But nothing you can say will change my thoughts on this.
Blackout is amazing and it’s about time a true developer got into the BR game to show these other scrubs how it’s done.

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How to Unlock New Characters & Their Requirements

Since BO4 just launched, I was curious how to unlock new characters so I came by this extremely helpful article, by Eurogamer, on how to unlock said characters. This helpful article also includes the specific requirements that are needed in order to unlock the new characters. Good luck everyone on day of 1 of BO4!!!
Here's are the requirements for each character:

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POPULAR Why Black Ops 4’s Biggest Shortcoming Will Be The Cause Of Its Success

Call of Duty is one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time. The series has sold more than 250 Million copies amounting to over $15 Billion in sales. You would think that their pocketbooks would be pretty endless but like many companies before them, Call of Duty has shown that they value profit over product. Case in point: Black Ops 4 will not have a single-player campaign mode.
The exact reason why is up for contention. Treyarch claims that they never intended to include a campaign mode, but that’s pretty hard to believe considering that every major Call of Duty game before has included a campaign. Other sources claim that Treyarch and Activision simple ran out of time. Call of Duty has always maintained a self-imposed 1 year timeline to release a new title every November. Black Ops 4 is an exception, as Activision decided to release it one month early on October 12th in an effort to compete with Rockstar’s long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2. Could this shortened schedule have prevented the inclusion of a single-player game mode in Black Ops 4? Only Treyarch and Activision truly know the answer to that, but the fact remains: there will be no campaign.
Honestly, that really sucks. Although people typically pour most of their hours into multiplayer and zombies, almost everyone completes the campaign. Call of Duty has done a fantastic job of crafting compelling storylines with strong, interesting characters that carry over from one game to the next. I’m sure many of us still remember the insane twists that games like Modern Warfare 2 have brought us. The lack of a campaign would be a glaring omission. So how could it be a good thing for Black Ops 4?
Well, there’s a few reasons. With your standard Call of Duty releases, many players jump straight into the campaign mode in an effort to complete the story before any unwanted spoilers grab their attention. This means that the player base during the first few weeks of release is typically divided between those playing campaign and those playing multiplayer. With Black Ops 4, every single person will be playing a multiplayer game mode. With the inclusion of Blackout, Call of Duty’s new Battle Royale mode, maximizing player count is more important than ever. In order to fill up Blackout’s 100 person lobby along with lobbies for each multiplayer game mode and each zombies map, it’s critical that there are as many people playing as possible. Removing any single-player game modes ensures that this will happen.
People are already calling Blackout the Fortnite killer. Call of Duty has received more buzz and attention from Blackout alone than it has in years. Blackout is Call of Duty’s chance to revitalize their franchise and reclaim their throne as the number 1 shooting game in the world. They’ve gone all-in on Blackout. They have to; it’s their only shot. With games like PUBG, Fortnite, and even Rainbow 6: Siege taking over the shooting genre and dominating the market, Call of Duty had to do something drastic. Removing their beloved campaign mode is exactly what they needed to succeed.

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If you have an Amazon account & you love the Black Ops series, now's a good time to pre-order the game for your favourite platform. For those who pre-order, you'll get a $10 gift card with your purchase. This deal is only for 10/10 & 10/11, so get on it!!!
For PS4:
For Xbox One:
For PC:

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BO4 Calling Card Promotions

There are a couple promotions for BO4 that are currently running so you can get a calling card for BO4!

1. Lovesac X BO4
So Lovesac is a furniture company from what I see. Mostly beanbags. There’s a beanbag that relates to BO4.

As you see it comes with COD Points and a BO4 backpack. It also gives you a code for a calling card!!

It looks cool, but not worth the price tag. The beanbag is $1,210. Yep. That’s a lot of money. No clue if the calling is even animated. I have no clue how you get the calling car, but code probably.

2. Kontrolfreek X BO4
So Kontrolfreek makes controllers and thumb-stick grips. One that came out recently comes with a calling card!

(Calling cats bottom right)
I’ve never tried out this stuff before. But they grips look cool as hell! The calling card looks animated too! It comes with a code that you enter on a site or on your platform. It’s also really cheap at $18. I have no clue if it’s for Xbox though.

3. 7/11 X BO4
So if you got 7/11 and buy 2 BO4 Monster Energy’s and scan a promotion with their app you get a free calling card. You probably get a code on the app. We have no clue what it looks like at the moment though.

4.McFarlane Toys X BO4
So if you buy any of the McFarlane BO4 figures you get a code for a calling card. You have to go on their sight and enter the code for the calling card. Currently we have no clue what the calling card looks like since there’s some problems with getting it.

Each are about $20

And that’s all of the calling card promotions I know of. I’ll be trying to get the Kontrolfreek one and the 7/11 one. But still $1,210 for a beanbag!!

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Vonderhaar reveals new item looting system

So we can choose Hold between holding a button to loot (Original console system) or just pressing a button (More like PC version). But the press system have a problem that the key is assigned reload already. To say is that the item looting is in progress before reloading.
If you want to reload during an imminent battle, you may encounter an unfortunate event of picking items first instead of reloading them.
In this part, you can choose options according to user preference.

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Anyone own a Nacon Revolution Pro for PS4?

Considering buying one for COD, I prefer offset thumbsticks like Xbox layout
DS4 doesn't feel natural to me
Just don't want to waste $95 if these are poor quality so looking a bit of feedback.

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Is Blackout going to be the main thing to play on BO4?

I stopped playing Call of Duty years ago, but I'm willing to try this one out. I'm aware of the fact that Treyarch removed the single player mode and focused on making more diverse online gaming experience. I've heard that there will be three online modes in the release of BO4. The regular multiplayer that we've all been waiting for. Zombies mode that features IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead. And finally, the infamous Blackout. My question is, would people get ever so mesmerized by Blackout which would potentially reestablish the identity of Black Ops series? I know the game's not released yet, but I'm asking this to some of you who have already experienced Blackout.

verified LV.20 Let’s play Blackout!

Whether it’s three friends or three randos, make nice and Quad Up.

The old saying ‘the more the merrier’ didn’t stick around for the past 40,000 years without being true. It remains a good general rule of fun: good times are enhanced when you have them with others. It’s true on the seesaw and it’s particularly true in Blackout – you have more fun with a friend.
Sure, you have the option to roll Solo in Blackout. You see yourself as a one-man-army, a warrior dropping into the hills west of the Train Station and wreaking havoc with paint on your face like the protagonist in… well, basically every movie where people shoot guns a lot. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a Blackout experience for everybody. But, to truly experience the companionship, excitement and reward of out-playing your opponents, you’ve simply gotta Quad-up. Or, play Duos. Duos offer all the benefits mentioned here, as well.
In addition to the emotional health benefits to socializing while gaming, you’ve got plenty of practical, on-the-ground reasons to jack up your merriment with a team.

More Eyes, More Intel, More Efficiency
Alone you only have your own perspective. As a Quad, you have four perspectives. In Blackout, having multiple perspectives is, to use a technical term, “super helpful.” Seemingly a simple concept, having multiple eyes scanning multiple areas, corners and horizons can often mean the difference between getting the jump on a team of enemies and spectating. Everything you do in Blackout becomes easier. Scavenging for loot? No longer dangerous because your squad has your back. See an enemy camped out in a tower? Encircle them so they have no route to escape. Want to take an area, but there are two structures and you can’t decide which ones to search first? Split up and take each door at the same time. In short, playing Solo can often result in getting jumped from behind, above or some other place you never saw coming. As a team, that should never happen.
Sharing & Caring
The race to scoop the best loot begins as soon as you and your mates hit the ground. Not only will you cover more ground as a team, but you’ll be able to pool your resources as well. This better prepares everybody for the fight ahead. Questions like: “Does anybody need a Titan?”, “Who needs Level 2 Armor?” and “Hell yeah, everybody get in the chopper” will bounce back and forth on the comms. The rising tide of pooled resources is always the best way to lift your Quad’s boat. You’ll find four times the loot in a quarter of the time this way. Each teammate will be more individually dangerous, plus you’ll waste less time looking at the ground and more time collecting intel and planning assaults.
In Blackout, once you take a critical amount of damage, you’ll go down and start to bleed out. At that point, you’re at the mercy of your teammates. It’s up to them to revive you because you can’t defend yourself and the only thing you can do is crawl excruciatingly slow. Your teammates can either finish off whoever took your down or rush to your aid to get you back into the fight quicker. Regardless of how it plays out, this is something that simply can’t happen when you’re rolling in Solos. Like everything we’ve discussed, the more you communicate with your Quad, the easier they’ll be able to locate and revive you when the bullets are flying. Even if you see no other benefit to Quadding-up, this is undeniably a time when you’ll be glad you’ve got teammates. Because – like a storm cellar in Kansas, a bike helmet and grandma’s special fall-down necklace – they’ll save your life someday.

I Wanna Go Fast
Vehicles: they’re cool and fast as hell. But, there’s one problem: you can’t drive and shoot at the same time. Sure would be nice if you had some teammates, huh? Whether you’re driving a truck, ATV, tactical raft or helicopter, the scenic views shouldn’t distract you from the fact that you are devastatingly vulnerable. Rockets, well-aimed sniper bullets or a wrong turn are real possibilities when riding a noisy vehicle. Fortunately, as a Quad, you have the opportunity to bring your team along with you to cover your six (behind you). Helicopters, trucks and tactical rafts have room for your whole squad, while ATVs force you to split up. To maximize the benefits of these things – using them in assaults, making a quick getaway, rescuing a teammate who’s wandered astray or quickly returning to the combat zone – you need somebody to at least ride shotgun and protect your neck.
These are just some of the more obvious benefits to Quadding-Up. As is the case with most things in Blackout, you’ll learn the most through your own experience. That experience will teach you the truth of why ‘the more the merrier’ has aged as fine as the fanciest wines in all of France. The more the merrier. Quad up.

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Looking for Group

So I know I shared my rank before but...

...it was never this high 😂 I met some girl in 1v1 and she kept getting pissed off that I was killing her but she was so easy to beat. I was like thanks for the win streak 😎

LV.22 PlayStation

2 More Days...

...Till BO4😁😁😁

LV.22 PlayStation

What are you most excited for?

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Which is better to play Blackout? Keyboard/Mouse or Controller?

I'm weighing my options between PC and PS4 version. Typically, people play better with keyboard and mouse, but controllers have way better feel of playing games and even have vibration. What do you prefer to use when you're playing FPS games?

LV.20 S

CoD Should stop releasing a game every year

Black Ops 4 isn't even going to have a single-player mode. It's obvious that they're rushing the games and the quality seems to go down every year. They're just milking the cash cow at this point because they know people will buy it even though every game has been worse since MW2/BO1.
I wish they would just take their time and actually make a good game again.

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POPULAR ♦️Lounge Guidelines♦️

Welcome, Soldier to the Call of Duty Lounge! In this brief introduction I will show you how to navigate the Lounge and what guidelines you should follow to ensure a fun time while in the lounge!


1) Highlights: You can find most popular posts in this board.

2) General: Just an all-around place for people to speak of the game series.

3) Looking For Team: You can look for any team here but please make sure you specify as to which game you wish to play with others.

4) Blackout: Tips and tricks for the blackout series as well as people's highlights for the multiplayer mode of blackout can be found here. You can also search for like-minded people who wish to play this game mode together in this board.

4) Zombies: Where people post about zombies for any game that includes Zombies mode.

5) Memes: Memes-a-plenty but one can simply only post Call of Duty related memes.

6) Promotions: Post all you want of your social media accounts, live streams, and this will also be a place for promoting your Clans.


1) No sexually explicit content- This means nothing with nudity or anything that is sexually suggestive.

2) No racism- It isn't funny or cool and nobody is going to put up with it.

3) No Personal Info Sharing- Do not share information such as a personal address, information for game sharing, phone numbers, ect.

4) No Witch Hunts- Do not post other users' personal information or make posts to insult/harm other users. Just because someone has a certain view about something doesn't mean an entire group of people can gang up and make a person feel horrible.

5) No Threats- Plain and simple. No threats to anyone with any physical, emotional, or cyber violence (ex. hacking).

6) Correct Boards- Please make sure you post things in the right boards. (ex. A post about zombies for any game should be in the Zombies board and not in general or competitive).

We are a great community and plan to keep it that way. So if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask any of the moderators.

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Am I the only one who isn't really excited for Blackout?

Everyone has been building a lot of hype for Blackout, and I get it. It's a first battle royale mode in Call of Duty, and the gameplay looks more realistic, dynamic and diverse than any other BR games in the market. Honestly, though, I don't give a shit about BR games, and I just want a regular Call of Duty with both single and multiplayer modes. Playing only multi just don't cut it. Also, I'm kind of pissed that they removed single campaigns, and they still charge us full price for it.

LV.17 Sage

Think a wizard cant snipe?...think again.

LV.26 Wizard

POPULAR Bo4 Is amazing!

I got Black ops 4 on Saturday and played the Blackout gamemode. There is lots of places that you may have seen before such as the Estates or Nuketown Island on the map. The graphics are beyond amazing so far and I have seen minor glitches when landing but besides that it is a 10/10.

--Tell me in the comments what you like and dont like about the game!

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