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Hello everyone and welcome to the Call of Duty lounge for Moot. As most you already know my name is Kane the pork and as most of you know I'm a moderator for our lounge. I just wanted to put up a post of some general rules to follow.

1) No Porn- This means nothing with nudity or anything that is suggestive such as rule 34 content.

2) No racism- It isn't funny or cool and none of the mods are going to put up with it.

3) No Personal Info Sharing- I don't care if you're looking for new friends or you're that Nigerian prince looking for money. Do not share information such as a personal address, information for game sharing, phone numbers, or anything else that can allow someone to find out who you are and where you are in real life.

4) No Witch Hunts- Just because someone has a certain View about something doesn't mean an entire group of people can gang up and make a person feel horrible. If this ever happens I will just delete the post and put up a general reminder for people not to have a mob mentality towards another in the lounge.

5) No Threats- Plain and simple. If you threaten anyone with any physical, emotional, or cyber violence (ex. hacking) you will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

6) NO ADVERTISEMENTS- We've had a lot of problems with people advertising other Discord channels and their YouTube channels. I don't care what it is you want to advertise. Unless it is Call of Duty related your advertisement will be deleted.

7) Correct Tabs- Please make sure you post things in the right tabs. I have been moving way too many posts that should be in a different tab (ex. A post about zombies should be in the Zombies tab and not in general or highlights).

8) No Troll- This what is pretty self-explanatory and I have trolled in online games so I know one when I see one. DON'T BE ONE!

9) No Selling- No posts that involve or promote the selling of external programs that somehow or another give you an unfair advantage in the game (ex. Mods or hacks).

10) 1 Per Day Limit- I don't mind every one advertising there Clans in the tab and I would appreciate it if everybody kept them in the clan tab but please make sure that you only advertise your clan once per day. Any more than that will be removed as spam

The mods have the ability to remove post and ban people if need be. As long as everyone follows these rules then they don't have to worry about such penalties. I want this to be a fun Lounge where people can meet others and have fun. If anybody has any questions don't be afraid to ask.


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