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Oct 28, 2019, 03:09 PM 128 read

[Notice] Service Closure Announcement


  [Hero of Cryptoworld] Service Closure Announcement   Hello, this is Hero of Cryptoworld.   We'd like to sincerely thank all users for showing such interest in HOC and please accept our apologies for announcing the service closure.   Since its launching in Jan 2019, we've tried to provide the best service possible but we've come to make a difficult decision to close the service.   We deeply apologize for such a sudden notice.   HOC is no longer available to access, please check the schedule below for more information.   - 21st Oct 2019 GM HERO   ----------------- Service Closure Schedule 1. Service Closure: 21st Oct 2019 2. Refund: 28th Oct ~ 31st Dec 2019 - Inquiry: contact@vxp.network  

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