Quest LV.19 GG
Jan 7, 2021, 01:30 PM 286 read

He is indeed our boy

Roy's our boy, Roy's our boy, ROY'S OUR BOY I love most of the Fire Emblem cheers, it's usually alot more than their names and I actually love it Just learned like a week ago that Ness's cheer is "Super Ness" and oh my god that's so smart Put some colors in the wrong place, but it was inevitable cause the design is kinda hard in my style gjhfdfhjbkgfg

Super Smash Bros: General - He is indeed our boy image 2

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  • Crystalet LV.29 Zelda Jan 7, 2021, 07:08 PM

    Ah if only moot had a fire emblem lounge you could post it in instead of the ssbu one.

  • Quest LV.19 GG Jan 8, 2021, 04:48 AM

    I didn't even realize they didn't have one lmao, it feels like they should

  • HM05 Useless LV.21 Professional Noob Jan 9, 2021, 05:58 AM

    nice art keep it up

  • Just Nathan LV.37 Master Feb 9, 2021, 04:55 PM

    Excellent work man... keep it up...👍

  • gamer499463628 LV.13 Chief Feb 9, 2021, 05:30 PM