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What If Smash Bros. Characters/Items were Marvel Characters/Items

Iron Man = Samus The person underneath is what matters. Tony Stark and Samus Aran are capable fighters inside their high-tech suits, which they consider as a part of them, though they have also proven their adaptability outside the armor. Tony and Samus also best display their humanity most when a helmet isn't hiding their emotions. Stan Lee = Masahiro Sakurai Stan Lee essentially helped create Marvel Comics, while Masahiro Sakurai catalyzed Super Smash Bros. The two have been heavily involved in their respective properties since day one. Movie goers expect Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel movies as much as gamers anticipate Sakurai to direct a Smash Bros. game. Nick Fury = Snake Tactical espionage action might be associated with Snake, but it's a term all too familiar to (former) S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury, with all those years spent as a soldier and spy. With Snake and Fury's paralleled backgrounds, we imagine these agents would have numerous war stories, skillsets, and gizmos to exchange with each other. Hulk = Little Mac Hulk and Little Mac let their fists fiercely talk for them. As the green giant becomes stronger the angrier he becomes, so does the boxer when he gets a hold of his Final Smash. Like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk, Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac, a bulking beast that can't be staggered. Black Widow = Sheik Zelda learned the art of disguise under the moniker Sheik for seven years. The Hylian princess also proved to be a worthy fighter with speedy, ninja-like abilities. Sheik essentially mirrors Black Widow, who has ventured on countless covert-ops missions and has an array of fighting styles. War Machine = R.O.B. Rhodey didn't get his chance to suit up in the MCU's first film, but once he took on the War Machine mantle in Iron Man 2, he became an important figure for the Avengers. Similarly, R.O.B. was originally known as a barely operable accessory for the NES. It wasn't until its appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that people enjoyed hin. And there's that thing about how War Machine and R.O.B. utilize weaponized tech. Spider-Man = Ivysaur As a teenaged Spider-Man learns what it means to be a hero, so does an Ivysaur as it trains to evolve into something greater. The quad-legged Pokémon uses its vines to bind opponents and recover from a fall, much like Peter Parker's alter ego projects webs to fight crime in Queens. Thor = Pikachu With thunderous summonings, Thor and Pikachu always have an electrifying presence – literally and figuratively. The god of thunder and Pokémon's mascot are alike in personality as well. As showcased in Thor: Ragnarok, the Norse god has a goofy side, but he's not one you want to anger lest you face a shocking end. Pikachu has demonstrated those characteristics countless times. Loki = Corrin Since phase one, Loki has caused trouble for the Avengers through various means, including mythical makings, skillful close-quarters combat, and personifying others by shifting his appearance. Corrin is not necessarily evil like Loki, but his/her moves that transform his body through magical means combined with his punishing, up-close attacks make him a kindred spirit to the devious Norse god. Infinity Gauntlet = Master Hand The Infinity Gauntlet has long been a feared object in Marvel comics. When fully equipped with every Infinity Stone, this smitten mitten grants massive powers that include – and shockingly not limited to – being able to control all life and shift reality in the universe. Master Hand doesn't stem too far from these abilities, as the glove can seemingly summon anything to his fingertips. According to the character's Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy description, it created the Smash Bros. universe. Hawkeye = Link Despite not having powers like most of his compatriots, Hawkeye's will to battle with his bow in tow against more gifted adversaries takes courage, a quality Link possesses – as well as archery skills – as wielder of the Triforce of Courage. Additionally, Link is to protecting Zelda as Hawkeye is a mentor and guardian to Scarlet Witch. Captain America = Mario The Italian plumber doesn't possess a shield like Captain America, and a hunky 'stache doesn't rest above Steve Rogers' lips, but both are natural leaders and the first of something in their own rights. Cap is the first Avenger, while Mario helped save the video game industry as a launch game on the NES. Winter Soldier = Meta Knight Winter Soldier was at first an enemy to Captain America but eventually became his ally. Sound familiar? Meta Knight has often clashed with Kirby and gang, but the masked warrior teams up with the pink puffball when the need arises. Soldier and Meta's cryptic features also make them stand out from their cohorts. Thanos = Ganondorf Ranking raw power and authority above all else, Thanos and Ganondorf are so alike they could switch universes and no one would notice. These bulky bros have monstrous armies that spread fear across swaths, they seek destructive powers that appears on their fists, and they love death since Thanos literally does (in the comics) and Ganondorf can't seem to get enough of it. Collector = Tabuu We're still not sure what happened in Brawl's Sub(par)space Emissary, but it seems like Tabuu, the mode's big baddy boss, was trying to reap all of the Smash Bros. cast as trophies. The Collector's ultimate goal is not far off, as the white-haired entity uses any means necessary to acquire living and inanimate objects. Falcon = Falco Falcon and Falco are almost literally two birds of a feather. Both are air-based fighters whether piloting a suit or aircraft, they each have sassy personalities, and one is an anthropomorphic falcon while the other garbs the persona through his wingsuit. The bird buds are also seen as sidekicks to their respective title characters. Scarlet Witch = Zelda With potent energy and tomes conjured for offensive and defensive purposes, Scarlet Witch and Zelda are forces to be reckoned with. The young heroines are also on a path to learning the responsibilities of their powers – at least if we're going with Breath of the Wild's interesting take on the princess. Star-Lord = Fox As the heads of outfits based in space, Star-Lord and Star Fox are exceptional pilots and even have a few gadgets they efficiently use during ground engagements. If the first scene with Fox in Star Fox Adventures is an indication of musical enjoyment, Peter Quill and Fox McCloud would probably be great buddies – despite the former not adopting the use-bombs-wisely philosophy. Gamora = Lucario If Gamora had a spirit animal(or in this case,Pokemon) it would be Lucario. Like the Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon, Gamora is a tough cookie to crumble and seems fiercely motivated to kick butt the more damage she endures from her challengers. Lucario's loyalty to their trainer is rivaled only by Gamora's devotion to her Guardians family. Nebula = Greninja Since childhood, Nebula has tirelessly developed herself day and night to become the top assassin under Thanos' command. With Greninja's blue skin, shinobi aesthetics, and menacing gaze, the frog Pokémon's water shurikens and rapid close-quarter attacks reflect Nebula's angry combat style. Rocket Raccoon = Wolf The only thing Rocket might love more than huge guns is cold, hard cash and heckling his foes –and Star-Lord. In turn, Wolf O'Donnell, leader of the Star Wolf mercenary group, dabbles in illegal activities and revels in taunting Fox to distract him during battle. Rocket and Wolf aren't too shabby as pilots either. Groot = Captain Olimar Groot is a unique being that can not only grow his own body at will, but he can create life as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. On the other side of the creation coin, Captain Olimar's Pikmin act as an extension to his own body and are cultivated by the space explorer. Drax = Donkey Kong Drax and Donkey Kong would never let anything go over their heads because either their reflexes are too fast or they have a devastating up-smash attack. The two might sometimes be whimsical, but their strength is no laughing matter. Vision = Mega Man Vision might have been forged as a secondary body for Ultron, but the android joins the Avengers and uses his various abilities to fight for the greater good. His objective is similar to Mega Man's: to achieve world peace. Furthermore, Vision and Mega Man's primary combat experience derives from fighting robot armies. Ant-Man = Poison/Giant Mushroom While no Smash character can shrink and/or increase their stature at will, it's hard to separate Ant-Man's Pym Particles from the poison and giant mushrooms' qualities. Black Panther = Mewtwo Black Panther and Mewtwo's most obvious similarity is their cat-like mien, but the felines ultimately get their powers from genetic enhancements via an ancient plant and DNA engineering, respectively. Likewise, Black Panther's suit allows him to build up energy from damage, while Mewtwo conserves his energy to be at its fullest potential in battle. Doctor Strange = Robin With books of incantations, the easier question to ask for Doctor Strange and Robin is what can't they do with magic. Due to Strange's major hand injuries, he lacks a physical saber like Robin's mythical sword, but that doesn't stop the good doctor from conjuring energy weapons and shields. Mantis = Jigglypuff Mantis acts as a running joke in Guardians 2 largely thanks to Drax's brutal comments about her appearance. Jigglypuff can relate as the gag character of Smash Bros. since the original game. They might as well be twins with their bubbly eyes and their gifts to make others fall asleep. Valkyrie = Lucina After losing to Hela in a major battle, Valkyrie ran far away to forget her past by working for Grandmaster as a bounty hunter, therefore trying to be something she's not. Lucina also excels at being something else as she disguises herself as Marth. Valkyrie and Lucina are also fierce combatants with their swift swordplay.

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  • BrokenBagel9999 LV.3 Lurker Feb 28, 2020, 04:09 AM

    What about thanos minions?
    Black dwarf would def be bowser
    Idk who’d the others would be but hey maybe you can help with that lol

  • Tensei24 LV.13 Elite Four Feb 28, 2020, 06:12 AM

    I guess I can Black Dwarf would be Bowser, Corvus Glaive can be Dark Pit. Proxima Midnight will be Lucina and Ebony Maw will be Mr. Game and Watch (I guess..)

  • BrokenBagel9999 LV.3 Lurker Mar 1, 2020, 04:14 AM

    I can see it