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Jun 11, 2020, 08:27 PM 96 read

Pretty decent players looking for a BF2 group

Me and my partner @mapkyc (maddecholok on PS4) are pretty decent players that are looking for a group. I'm gonna be honest, we only really started this year but have continuously improved over a few months. Especially during this quarantine. As a few examples of how much we've improved, we can get the heroes first during galactic assault and supremacy almost every time without any problems, we have mastered showdown duels although we are still working on how to take down two or more heroes at one go, we both even got Darth Maul's Old Master skin under a week of it's release. We work best when we play together and work as a team. Even before this whole flood of new players, we were still doing great with all the veteran players we went up against. Not trying to boast but ye. Not saying we're really good. We're good enough. Or decent. Whatever you wanna call it. I mean we did look up a lot of tips and stuff to help improve ourselves. Other than that, it's all honest hard work and dedication. Also we are huge Star Wars geeks, me being the bigger geek that got mapkyc to join me in this galaxy of fun. So if you think we can be in your group, feel free to message me anytime. If you think maybe not, you can leave this here and move along. Just looking for a group to have fun. There are a lot of good groups I've seen here but idk how to decide so how about you guys come talk to us and tell us about your groups. I'm not really expecting any messages to be honest. We're ok if we're not in a group. We can just play with eachother. But ya know, really hoping to join a group Ps: sorry for typing out something really long, I get carried away sometimes

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