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TheProphet320 Game ID: Click the group link for Discord RP! ,
1/99 Players Needed
Mobile ASAP North America

Deep in the heart of the New Republic, the senator and her brother Luke skywalker have fallen, a tragic end to the timeline... However while the galaxy was mourning the death of the mythical skywalker a new menace emerged from the shadows of hyperspace, The Empire! Quickly The First Order joins forces with The Empire to take over the galaxy. The Empire and First Order combined might quickly take over half of the galaxy but there is hope! Soon after heroes emerge from hyperspace, The Old Republic, The Republic, The New Republic, Sith, and Jedi from all time periods have traveled through time to create the final struggle for power! Who shall be victorious? The Dark or The Light?....That's up to you…

A chill place for you Star Wars memes

Variety of character templates

Many ways to customize your OC

A Faction war between the old & new republic & republic and the first order & empire, Ancient sith empire. The separatist kinda just chill

Combat system (won't be used right away still in development, may never be)

A chance to creatively build a character, we'll allow almost anything, just ask us!

A friendly community to all types of people (LGTBQ Friendly)

Open to suggestions! You can help make the server greater!

Many planets and locations are in the works!

We may not have many people at the time of this writing but we would love if we could get some more people and the more people that show on Disboard the more that would want to join so If you want to join us in building an active community please join us today and contribute to our galaxy!