ZimZim LV.29 I'm a Bot
Jul 31, 2020, 08:10 AM 81 read

I cannot be the only one right?

I absolutely hate GO Bank, one of the worst, if not THE worst contract from Bain. Like... Stealth approach is awful. Not only you have an UNLIMITED spawn of civilians but you also need to pick up phone calls (one of them might be Hilary from Gensec) but you also have fucking lasers in vault making it very hard to do it stealth solo. Loud isn't better, if you dont buy the Ace Pilot asset, there is a chance you're gonna build the cage on the fucking STREET, cops literally spawn everywhere, there is a chance you will get a SWAT turret! (combine it with the Street cage and you got yourself a wild ride) Another awful thing is that there is almost no difference between any playthrough. The only RNG differences I spotted were: 1. A Gensec Truck on the side of the Bank 2. Open Vault (no need to look for keycards or Drill it) 3. Phone call asking us about time lock codes That's all differences in the heist I got while playing it... Idk Man, i Just fucking hate it, it needs a good rework or... Something Also that's my longest post since like... Idk, but a long time

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