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Running Dinosaur's Final Chapter

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As soon as the Internet goes down, I find the end of a popular dinosaur game: It's so bad to look at it! Whenever we lose our Internet connection, a T-rex Run minigame pops up. Is there anything you'd like to know about the end of this game?   When the T-rex Run game came out in 2014, it was a big hit with people who used the Internet. It has since become a common name for generations of people who use the Internet. Chrome made this game to keep people having fun when they were disconnected from the network. In this case, the player must control the dinosaur by jumping up and down on the computer keyboard to move it. The more this dinosaur moves, the better the game's score will be. Google's T-rex dinosaur extension is simple, but it adds an interesting feature to Chrome that helps people deal better with Internet outages. This makes Chrome more interesting. How many points does this game need to win? What is the game's ending? These pictures of the game's end have been shared recently. At the end of T-rex Run, the player must score 99,999 to meet the love of their life. It makes him sad that his inspiration has found happiness with... another dinosaur. It was hard for many people to get to where they were going before this twist in the story. But when they got there, they were in the same situation as the gamers and the poor T-rex above. They had a "wage crane."   However, a more shocking revelation was made: this picture was all made with Photoshop.   In this game, I've had problems with my spacebar several times, but I haven't seen this happen before. They feel the same way we do.   Because you always come last.   "The T-Rex has come back to the slot that was missing...?" There are a lot of interesting facts about this game that you might not have known. According to Chrome developers, this little game is played up to 270 million times a month on both desktop computers and portable electronic devices. You can still type the dinosaur game command into Chrome's address bar even if you lose your connection to the web. Visit: https://dinosaur-game.io    

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