SaiLlama SaiLlama LV.3 Lurker
Mar 28, 2020, 04:48 AM 17 read

Help Me with My YouTube plz :')


Hello there everyone, I know most of you don't really care or anything but I've uploaded a new youtube video which isn't really the greatest since I'm trying to get back to being comfortable with making them. It was a fortnite video and not too good of editing because I'm still trying to get acquainted with the program. It would mean so much if you guys could watch it and maybe give it a like. I've posted about it on my instagram and snapchat and I have around 1030 followers but none of them are supportive enough to like my video. The last time I checked I had 15 views with 2 dislikes and no likes. I'm just trying really hard to build my dreams and I really need positive people to help support my journey. If you read all of this thank you so much I appreciate you.   Here's the link<3

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