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Apr 30, 2019, 07:27 AM 291 read

Should I make #BotBois a legitimate clan/group? 🤔🤖✨

I mess around a lot with the whole "#BotBois" thing. Like I'm legit a bot at the game. But there's a few of you who also call themselves Bot Bois (even though most of you aren't bots, just saying it for the memes). So I figured I'll post a poll to see if a #BotBois clan should be created. I'll leave it up for a week and then move on from there. ✨ #BotBois, -TheUglyCarti 🐰✨ #Carti64 #MysticMafia

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#BotBois clan? 🤔🤖✨

  • Yee, Bot Bois 🤠🤖✨ 15
  • No, be a bot by yourself 😐❗ 1
  • What...? 😅🤷🏾 0

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