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Apr 19, 2019, 03:33 AM 229 read

Anyone looking to join a fort ite clan and not having any luck with tryouts? Hmu

DR34D T34M is a great Esports team that has all of the same things as a regular team but we are accepting people with a .5 K/D in fortnite , apex legends, COD , or any other game that has a stats system or if you are looking for a casual team of people to play with on practically any game you want we have those and there is 4 divisions they are PC, Mobile , Xbox ,and ps4 and we are looking for the following traits in people - 14 + ( we already have a few people under the age and we are not looking for more atm ) - plays at least 14 hours a week and is active in discord for a good amount of time every week (when we see your not active and you haven't told us you'll be gone for that time we will purge your position in the clan - chill not toxic and is able to take a joke and not rage when killed We are also looking for - GFX designers willing to work for the clan for free until we get established to pay you - Youtubers with good quality videos - streamers with good quality streams - website designers If you want to join use the link below and let me know in comments https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNwNNxAq0siPZV26rgWEHvUpjodSbvNHzciIY5Ylt_Ur1Biw/viewform _______________________________________________________ #serpentsquad #waht #mootmafia #fortnite #Lordveximus365MM _______________________________________________________

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