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Need players for a Creative Battle Royale Gameplay Video - Discord Required

Looking for Group

Other stuff: -Do not be toxic or sweaty -Do not swear or use any other bad language -This is for a video for YouTube -Pretty much any skill level is welcome, I encourage lower skill level players to join because I notice they focus more on being interesting people than sweating and being the best in the game -Discord required to discuss when we do the video, you can add me on discord if you already have it: JayStarPlays#2087 If you don't have discord, you can either download it here (it's fully free!) <span><span class="gOuterLink" data-nostyle="true">https://discord.com/download</span></span> or use the discord browser https://discord.com/

Once you add me, I will invite you to my discord server, which you can just join directly from here https://discord.gg/NY3qQXp   About the Battle Royale: My Creative Battle Royale, Variant Royale, is an ever-changing Battle Royale with "LTMs" and a storyline, posted on YouTube. I am currently too small of a creator to open this up to the public, but I'm trying.   All videos so far in the Battle Royale: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFfrlJaioR8nCkPFYQi4P2hqyH0TktuCR

  The Battle Royale is currently on v20, the last version before its 3rd season, and once I get to the 3rd season by finishing this gameplay video, I can post a story recap video, as well as continuing the story.

JayStarPlays Game ID: JayStarPlays
PC Creative MIC ASAP
Start Time ASAP A new team has been created.
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