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Hello everyone!

FIRST THINGS FIRST!   Your Fortnite stats can now be directly integrated into Moot!

That's right! When you set up an LFG post (which we'll discuss further down this post), adding your game ID will show your Fortnite stats!     When browsing the LFG page, posts will look like this*:

*Banner color will vary depending on username color. You can purchase more username colors in the Moot shop with your Moot coins!     When selecting a post, you'll see the following:

The users' game ID, verification (✔) and all the info you need to get started!     If you tap on the "Stats" button, you'll see a stats page, like this:

  If you haven’t noticed (or updated your app - go do it now if you haven’t!) looking for teammates is all new and improved - this streamlined experience will help you find the right squad faster than ever before!   When visiting Looking For Teammates, you’ll see the changes right away:

At the top you can now filter what sort of shenanigans you want to get into based on a bunch of different criteria: Platform and Mode   (The following screenshots are in iOS!)     Platform:


    Additionally, when you tap the post button in Looking For Teammates, it’ll automatically bring up an LFG template for you to use:

  Which brings us into the next part of this post...     HOW TO USE THE LFG FEATURES!

  FIRST AND FOREMOST, Go to the Looking For Teammates section and slam that Post button, which looks like this, except less pixelated:

Once you've done that, follow these steps to get your teammate-seeking started:     1. CHOOSE A PLATFORM Pick the platform you play on, and want to find your teammates on.

    2. SELECT A MODE Do you want to run with a squad, or a duo with your best friend? Maybe you wanna save the world, or maybe you wanna save the world again? Either way, pick what you're interested in doing.

    3. INPUT A GAMER ID This is also known as your username, gamertag, handle, friend code, etc etc etc - whatever you identify as IN THE PLATFORM YOU CHOOSE. NOT your Moot username!*  

*Note that stats may not appear unless you use your Epic username.   4. SELECT YOUR MIC OPTIONS Feeling talkative? Not feeling talkative? Luckily there's a switch for that. Press the switch on your post if you do (or don't) require a mic for your play.

    5. PICK A PLAYER AMOUNT How many people are you recruiting? Is it for this one game? Is it for a clan, or a team? Or two? OR THREE? Whatever you decide, you can choose how many players you're looking for - up to a maximum of 99. Seriously.

    6. PICK A DATE When do you want you and your squad to roll through? ASAP, or maybe tomorrow? How about next week, or next month? Choose a date and prepare for battle.

    7. ATTACH THE LFG Once you've set everything up and you're ready to go, hit the Attach button in the top-right of your LFG.

    8. FINISH YOUR POST Once attached, your LFG will be bound to a normal post in which you can edit and decorate with all the usual Moot goodies - GIFs, memes, polls, videos and images!

Slap that done button with the fattest finger you got (or whatever finger, it's up to you, you could even use your nose) and kick back!     Using the new LFG feature will give you a massive advantage over other players, will help you find friends, and maybe even new teams or clans - all done quickly and easily when you use Moot!   Once you’re in, you'll surely earn that #1 Victory Royale!  

  Get out there, and happy Mooting!

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