Rafjr94 LV.4 Lurker
Jun 24, 2018, 12:58 PM 26 read

Are there any good first or third person shooters anymore?

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I'm so sick of playing every shooter game and the game not being good, I want a game where if you hit someone in the lower body you get a hit marker, but if I shoot you in the chest or head you die, I don't want any shield or potions or any of that unrealistic crap, I'm sick of outplaying everyone or being better than everyone at every game and getting screwed over, I don't wanna be able to build or fly or use some BS exo suit to run off walls or anything, I just want a classic game that makes sense, doesnt lag, and is realistic, or do genuine games like that not exist anymore?... I hate Fortnite, hate PUBG, hate H1Z1, hate the futuristic call of dutys, im literally about to sell my PS4 and buy a GameCube because it seems like the newer the games are the more terrible they are.

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