Got bored... So I made another montage

My montage is called stole the show, it's the song I chosen. I couldn't think of a song so I picked one I haven't heard in forever

I hope you all enjoy I edited using kinemaster on my phone

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Just got a win

It been a long time that i got a win this win is now my 40th win in solo

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Should Trio’s be a permanent game mode?

So a game mode RETURNS in Fortnite Battle Royale: Trio’s! Now it’s not major, but imagine you have a 3/4 Squad, then it it become’s useful! I think it should be a permanent game mode, but what do you think: Should Trio’s be a permanent game mode or Should it stay an LTM? Let me know in the comments below!

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POPULAR Flint-Knock Montage! -1-

I've recently started using the Flint-Knock and I absolutely love it. The first clip is of me using the Deagle, but the rest of the clips are of me using the Flint-Knock. Hope you guys enjoy it!
As Always...Smile and Be Positive :)

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so i played against a old friend...😯😈


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Doing My Trick Shot Course

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if you scroll without watching James Charles will kiss you tonight

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YouTube channel

Check our my YT Channel YouTube.com/JohnnyRagnarsson

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Look at the first video...

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Nle choppa🔪

Watch "Fortnite Montage - "SHOTTA FLOW" (NLE Choppa)" on YouTube

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My Trick Shots

I have tried many trick shots and failed so I decided to make a trick shot course in creative and practice! Comment if you want to do it!

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Armed & dangerous

Watch "Armed & Dangerous 💀" on YouTube

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Down below

Watch "Fortnite Montage - "DOWN BELOW" (Roddy Ricch)" on YouTube

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Watch "Fortnite Montage - Ransom (Lil Tecca)" on YouTube

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1 1/2 days lesf of school boi

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Solo squad 20 bomb


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Omfg @killergaminyt

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Highlights of some games

The videos are a little long, i didnt do any editing just basically a direct rip from my twitch lol. Check them out tho, maybe throw me some comments about my gameplay if you want.

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My Twitch

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Underrated skin

I think this is one of many underrated skins. I like its simple design but it looks great.
Anyone like this skin too or just me?
Name: Recon Scout

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When you ditch school


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i’m a flossing apple

i found out you could emote while being a prop and i love it 😂

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