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No boys allowed prop hunt really fun an duo's an sqauds

LV.3 Let’s play R6! 1d

When people be starting Pointless BS

I’m over here like..... 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️

bs about anything or Fortnite related topics

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Might have found some weird glitch or something

So I was playing the tag ltm on a new account and when I won and exited I got the victory glider. Thoughts?

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Before V After With an extra one I made last night

Hope you enjoy 😅

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One tiny tip that just might save your life

You might wanna remember to cover your tracks.
For starters, you can start by closing the door behind you when you enter a building.
Trust me this is one of the most useful things you can do when you're exploring. You enter a door and shut the door behind you and you're busy looking through the house.
Now when you have an intruder who enter the same building you are in, you can hear them enter. It sort of serves as an early warning system to give you a few extra seconds to prepare and get the jump on your unsuspecting enemy.
Besides, opening doors and leaving them open just screams someone's been here. Do not give away your position.
Similarly, when you are gathering resources, you don't wanna completely cut down trees around you as it will give away your location. Leave at least one hit left on big trees.

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Completely done on accident lol!

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New emote is 🔥🍔🍟🔥

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Hey guys you like what I'm saying to beggers now?

😵Watch out mooters its a begger in its natural habitat😬 so dont beg no more got itor yougonna see this message!! Or I'm gonna be this cat and your the human😒

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Tell me please

Do y'all mootners like how fortnite is now it's bringing back a lot of the old guns and now the new challenges
The 14 day's of summer it's got some new dance and you can complete all the challenges you get a really good back bling that's a smoothie so how so you mootners feel about the new and improved fortnite??🤠

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This Banana’s Missing😭😂😭

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No one, litterally no one ~Kiwi

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POPULAR How do you guys feel about the pump being back int the game????

I can NOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM I won 2 games back to back with Stun
She's also happy with it oh and that revolver... Godly... pump and revolver ... Epic is now knowing what to doooooooo💁

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I used queens code ignore the name on the bottom

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POPULAR Before Edit v After Edit

I’m so proud of myself for this edit . And Brilliant Striker is beautiful no matter what 😭💜✨

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Pls explain

Whats the point of having a fortnite gf like why do soooo many people on moot ask on posts saying"fortnite gf?"

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Myth busters: what happens when you hit the ball to the wind of the air platform? it doesn’t fly

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Give the pump a 5 star plz share everywhere try hardz come back in almost here we need to get it

Vote 5 star pump

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I wish I was better at Fortnite


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Fortnite Please Release

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So pumps are back..


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I’m getting off bye 👋

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16 player Friday June 28

Creative scrims DM me

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Watch me live stream ima edit and stuff

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I Need Help With Building...

*Hey Admin, this is an advanced message to you guys because I couldnt really decide if this went in battle Royale or creative soooo you guys can move it wherever you guys think it best fits, as for everyone else, keep reading!

Hello ladies and gents, I'm back again and need more advice since I am not a big brained individual.

So I have this video here for reference so you guys can all see how I do my 90s, keep in mind though I know for a fact I can't go much faster and yes, I know there were a few hiccups, I'm working on it, but you get the GENERAL idea.

Basically what I'm trying to figure out is what's holding me back. Heres the thing that I've noticed, I always get slightly above average in videogames and then never really go from there because... I dunno I guess I just thought I'm good enough but after going against my friends about a billion times and me going 4-250 on him, I've officially realized, there's a problem.

So basically (which I already said up there... so I guess this is even more basic...) I need help building. Give me some tips. Here are some specific questions that I would appreciate you guys helping me with:

How do I block people off?

How do I get/keep high ground?

If someone blocks me off, how do I get out of that situation?

If I'm boxed in, and someone is trying to break my wall and replace it with theirs, how do I get out of the situation?

If they DO end up replacing my wall, then what?

Thats pretty much the stuff I wanna know, so please be kind and help a small brained individual get good, although I'm giving y'all a heads up, don't ask something stupid like "do you want me to be your fortnite coach for 5 dollars?" because im not answering that shit 🤷🏼‍♂️

Anways guys, thanks for reading! If you liked the post, leave a like, and if you disliked the post, leave a dislike! Also make sure to comment your responses down below or DM me about this post or anything gaming, I love debating! And if you'd like more content like this, make sure to follow me!
Anyways, thanks again guys, and I'll see y'all in the next post! Bye!

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Who's down for duos and get some dubs

I've invited you to join me on Moot - Your Source for LFG & Gaming Discussion!

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What is your fav pickaxe (that you own)?

My favorite pickaxe that I own is the resonator

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Duo or clan tryout

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Duo or clan tryout

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