This is fatal fields btw

My potato laptop cant load it in and this is what the fields look like. Literally cant fight in it so annoying!
❤love you all❤


LV.22 Outlaw 1d

Question for ya

Do you think gifting 🎁cosmetics out of the locker
would be a good idea💡

Yes 👍and why
No 👎 and why

LV.24 Best Squadmate 1d

So I'm waiting for this

It's a fortnite stream because I want to gift him somthing

LV.20 Carry Me 1d

Season X

So to me, season X was a big middle finger to their fan base. Haven't played the game in a while so I need to get back on and earn my V-bucks back for season 11.

LV.8 Switch 1d

Unavailable challenges

Why does it say currenty unavailable on my screen for the "A Meteoric Rise", although my friend can do the challenges.

LV.4 Lurker 1d

Never spending more money

From season ten I will never spend my money on fortnite till season 11

LV.8 Try Hard 1d

Ah haha

LV.24 Shadow 1d

POPULAR U dumbfucks r all asking 4 my account

1 thing i have to say is...FUCK OFFFFFFFF

LV.24 Shadow 1d

Random Video My Brother Sent Me

verified LV.34 Dub Collector 1d

Updated locker reveal

Yes the ENTIRE thing

Back Bling's:
Aaaaaaaaall my fuckin emote's😂:

LV.24 Shadow 1d

What tier are you?

What tier is everyone?

I’m only on Tier 77.
Only 20 days left in this season.

LV.19 Fortnite > Apex 1d

Battle of the explosive r1 day 1

Top 5 will move on

verified LV.26 Zelda 1d

“Come here , ya looking like a whole meal.” This is exactly why I wanted this , thank you Fury 💜💫✨

verified LV.28 Professional Noob 1d

31st HeadHunter ✨ 🍔

verified LV.34 Dub Collector 2d

Should I do an updated locker reveal?🤔

LV.24 Shadow 2d

Bulk Huster

LV.18 Xbox 2d

Fortnite montage

Who know how to make a good montage

LV.3 Lurker 2d

Boys I need your help, is it worth it going back on fortnite? Your thoughts?

LV.2 Lurker 2d

Tonight item shop

LV.8 Nomad 2d

Thx again jelly🥰

But also my brother gifted me bubble bomber then some other rando gifted me sizzle sgt.😂
Almost forgot that jelly also gave me rainy days

LV.24 Shadow 2d

taco time 🌮🎉

Season X brings a lot of surprises some which include having a couple of map locations that have a twist to them. Some of the locations are Greasy Grove, Retail Row, Tilted Town, and Moisty Palms.

Which one is your least favorite?

I personally hate the zombies at retail and I think my favorite is Tilted Town.

( I accidentally closed the first poll)

LV.19 Fortnite > Apex 2d

9-15-19 item shop history

I'll give it a 0

verified LV.26 Zelda 2d

When your teacher hears you talk about Fortnite in class:

LV.18 Xbox 2d

Ultimate Trio


LV.18 Xbox 2d

Welcome to BCC Gaming/Trolling

Hi there, I am the creator of the infamous YouTube channel 'BCC Trolling'.
As many people have suggested that I should come and visit out this website, well.. Here I am!
I would like to properly introduce myself to all of you guys so I can establish a community here on this platform.
I post Fortnite clips and news on YouTube daily. I used to post CoD content and I have moved to Fortnite. If you would like, I will have my links below! I will be making bonus content and posting it here as well as reposting my normal daily content.
If you have any questions or business inquiries, then let me know down in the comments!

LV.3 Lurker 2d

Greasy grove

Take out the taco time

LV.3 Lurker 2d

Someone nice

Can some one plz gift me the moxie skin plz I'll pay u back later

LV.5 Lurker 2d

Where is the ziplines

Got the battlepass late and I need it to prestiege

LV.4 Lurker 2d


k ge

LV.2 Lurker 2d

The End Is Near

I can unlocked the scientist forty min after it came out! 😀

LV.17 Dub Collector 2d