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Apr 2, 2019, 01:21 PM 932 read

Fortnite's Lara Croft 🧗🏾🗿✨ (Jungle Scout Showcase)

Jungle Scout, one of my favorite uncommon skins. She seems like the hiking, adventurer type of gal. But after further inspection and trying out different things in my locker, she is Epic Games' version of Lara Croft from the famous game series, Tomb Raider. So I took Jungle Scout with this "Lara Croft" setup around Sunny Steps for a few shots. Hope you all enjoy. ✨ Very good, yes?, -Theuglycarti 🐰✨ #Carti64 #MootMafia #SickPicSubmission #SkinShowcase ______________________________________________

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