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Fortnite Confessions - Usual Cause Of Death ? ☠️


Previous confession :

___________________________________________________________ After playing Fortnite for almost a year I started to notice a trend happening in the things that usually cause me to die. The Top 3 ways I would usually end up dead is by : 1. Peeking a sniper too hard / assuming they can’t see me from a certain angle. 2. Not switching from my pump to a secondary weapon after landing a shot I THOUGHT was going to kill ‘em. 3. Missing a platform during the build fight and now either falling to my death or leaving me in the lowground exposed to the foe above.


Out of the maybe 3,000 times I died , about half have sadly been from one of these 3 things equally. Two additional reasons I die have maybe been from simple miscalculations and poor IQ usage. 🤦🏾‍♂️😅 What is the thing that usually causes you to die when playing Fortnite ? Drop a comment and let me know 🙏🏾 And for whoever downvotes : You Frail 💯 ___________________________________________________________ #FortniteConfessions #64 #MootMafia ___________________________________________________________

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