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What’s Your Game Mode? 🤔 💭

Battle Royale

Alright guys, I’m just wondering because this is something I’ve been frequently noticing lately... What’s your game mode?! This is essentially what’s that game mode you shine in? What game mode you stand out and carry in! Are you a Creative Sweat...? Are you a Solo Stomper...? Are You A Team Rumble Monster...? #QuestionTime The Banana King is wondering what is your game mode? That you can destroy anyone in your path?! Well if your wondering here’s mine

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Well personally I’m a walking trash bag in squads, you can ask anyone... well sometimes I’m good but usually trash as trash can be! I always get bad loot and struggle to pick up any kills or even damage before I’m on the ground raging because I just got finished, I’m usually spectating for 20 minutes watching my 3 other teammates while I’m dead... Solos is just not my cup of tea and never has been...

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But besides that if I ever do play solos please call 911 because someone has stolen my console and is using it too become a solo sweat! But if I do which is once in a blue moon I usually clutch like 3 kills and then I get deleted by a sweaty 64 year old man who needs a nice long shower and a speech in “how to get your life on track” I just get nervous and choke everything I do in Solos The Pop Up Cups, I will never religiously play. End of Story. Now I do like me a Creative FFA or A 1v1, And I really love making maps and having good FFAs and 1v1s but I just use those matches for practice to improve my game overall, I never truly try in creative just try to improve on certain areas I may be lacking in and things, and maneuvers I can work on like the pyramid side jump or the shotty, auto switch wall ramp, floor edit headshot, repeat, those are two of the maneuvers I’m working on so if you play creative don’t get mad if I’m doing that a lot 😂 Now I play a lot, I mean a lot of Team Rumble and Disco Domination which I use to improve my reactions to 3v1 or 4v1 situations, now if I’m not playing this game mode Its probably not me playing.... because I use those game modes to overall just practice but with people that don’t know I’m just practicing Now here is where it stops, my game mode is Duos. Its where I shine and where I do my best work and I look like my best self. You can ask of my 64 Affiliates especially Snow. I’m just good in Duos it’s where I can consistently pick up 5-10 kills and build and edit smoothly vs Squads and Solos when I can’t do anything. I can’t explain why I’m just naturally better at Duos than I am at any other game modes, Duos also gives me good loot unlike Squads which usually gives me tactical shotguns or snipers. So what’s your favorite game mode?

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  • Solo Stomper 1
  • Creative Crusher 1
  • Duo Demolisher 3
  • TeamRumble Tank 1
  • Squads Slasher 0
  • PopUpCup Sweat 3

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Comment 7

  • Snow^^ LV.24 Fearless Mar 17, 2019, 07:01 AM

    I’m a sweat in anything so.

  • SpunkySam LV.21 S Mar 17, 2019, 07:08 AM

    I'm not really good at the game in general but I do just love playing the game.

  • Snyper Eyes LV.26 Looking for teammates! Mar 17, 2019, 07:15 AM

    I'd say my best game mode is duo's as well
    I normally get carried in squads...takes me like 4 games to get going.
    I normally do good when I play duo's... I dont go for the win, I just try for kills.
    If my duo partner dies, I rush every single person I see and try to die so that they don't have to sit there watching for 20 minutes.

  • FutureLeaf verified LV.29 Rootin Tootin Mar 17, 2019, 07:24 AM

    Creative crusher I guess

  • Imortall_legend LV.6 Nomad Mar 17, 2019, 07:30 AM


  • ~e.girl krisii~ verified LV.32 Dream Chaser Mar 17, 2019, 08:05 AM

    For some reason I stive in the pop ups and tournaments

  • Zenrii LV.4 Professional Noob Mar 17, 2019, 05:48 PM

    I play a lot of Team Rumble. The end of story. xd