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Mar 16, 2019, 11:55 PM 827 read

Fortnite Confession : Biggest Flaws ? 😅


___________________________________________________________ Now I’m sure that I am not the only one with a few bad habits and constant mistakes when it comes to Fortnite so I’m just curious to see what other people go through.


My biggest flaw right now playing Fortnite is my bad habit of aiming down the barrel of my pump during a shotgun standoff. That split second it takes my character to go into the ADS animation THEN fire the weapon always give the opponent that advantage then they land that lucky blow. This habit has definitely formed from my losing my confidence in my aim a lil’ bit and since noticing it I’ve definitely suppressed it more often than not. Another flaw I have too is underestimating my opponent and their ability to hit certain shots. I need to understand that everybody is a sweat right now and all shots are landing. 😭😂💯 One of my strengths on the other hand though is definitely my reaction time , when it’s actually on point ( which is sadly only 7 / 10 times ) I move like a pro and I definitely get to a better position which always guarantees me a kill. 😎💪🏾 But enough about me , what are you flaws and even tell me about a few strengths you have also ‼️🙏🏾📝 ___________________________________________________________ #FortniteConfessions #64 #MootMafia ___________________________________________________________

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