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How has Fortnite Changed?

I got a legitimate question for y'all. How has Fortnite changed? Let's be real here, this game has been around for awhile and amassed the largest fanbase I have ever seen in only 3 months. However, this game also (in order to stay in public eye and commercial) must update their game quite frequently in order to build a set community in their game. These updates while sometimes quite necessary, often come at a price.... Back in Season One and Two of this game, each player had only started playing the game so professional gameplay and tactics were rare. The most well known tactic (used most by the recognizable Ninja and other streamers) known as double pumping, became a very agitating and oppresive skill against less skilled players. Shotguns being the most powerful in game weapons at the time. These days, skill was rare, but where you found it was often in Double Pumping and it grew angering quite quickly. But the game was still very fair in many other mechanics and enjoyable for many players. The game didnt need many at all updates unless for a bug or maintenance. Plus, the game felt more cartoon real, silly in a way. Something a child could play and love. A basic and fun and cute little Free Third Person Shooter game for Kids and Teens up. Fast forward to season 3 and 4, and we encounter several Map changing updates altering the surroundings to a minor extent. (This would only grow to much larger scales in later seasons) but the game still had the double pumping effect in play. Then they began truly editing weapon mechanics and adding new items to the game. Cosmetic updates were daily if I am not mistaken, and new weapons seemed to be introduced almost every 2 to 3 weeks. This meant to other players, they could experiment with new skills and build a 'Pro' rapport. However this also came into building skills in players walls and stairs system. More skill, the more players played was not uncommon, but not a bad thing. But, the new weapons and items such as the Shockwave grenade and the 'Hoprocks' as I heard them called, were introduced and used in a variety of ways. These ways took large ammounts of time to master and recieve. Certain Epic and Legendary weaponry were harder to find too. Now, in Season 4, this game took an unrealistic turn. I very much enjoyed the battle royales 'Human' feel. No need for it to look like a war or battlefield or unrealistically si-fi. But season 4's new 'leaks' and add ins made a turn from fortnites fun and child like demeanor to devolop into a different story of theories and build up. This got more interest into the game as players tried to make theories while being introduced to set time world events. A certain act would occur in game to reveal a hint about what would perhaps be upcoming in further updates. This along with its popular Emotes and gameplay mechanics is when It really began it's blast off on YouTube and other platforms. Season 5 and 6 were very interesting because now, we had been showed that animations were improving and "Rifts" were first introduced. These rifts were interesting items still in effect in this current season of the game. But the Rifts seem to be where things went into a spiral of confusion of what is Fortnite's strategy with its game, was it a Battle Royale or just crazy story telling? A system of images players could collect showed a story between a group of characters and of the items introduced in the game such as the overly famous "Cube". The Cube was another object in game that, like rifts, was interactable and moved frequently. This large object would be followed by the community and monitored to devolop theories on th eupcoming season further and used also to eliminate other players in an odd fashion. Now this game already went in a weird direction with season 4, but now these drastic changes not only removed an entire location, it also added in a completely new biome! A new sand biome was added to the game, catching the attraction of many players. This showed the game was expanding in very new ways and revealing vehicles and travle through the whole map to be traverse friendly. This also meant that games were far more aggresive and fast paced. In the next season, season 6, we were brought a cowboy and zombies experience that was very new but interesting! However, since our beutiful Revolver, (fight me, i loved it), was removed, they added a new spam revolver to the game and spamming with weapons became the norm with shotguns being nerfed strongly. New weapons and playstyles for gameplay became much more difficult to master in the past months and now with professional leagues of players being prepared and skilled through hours and hours of practice, new and common players were at a heavy disadvantage. This theme continues due to new updates adding and revoking\Vaulting weapons and items in the game. Now skip to the current season, we here in season 8 have a jungle\volcanic biome, a snow biome, a sand biome, a pit, and a plains biome. With many different locations and impliments and to the game, we have mostly a diverse exploration through our gameplay and it is very interesting. But now our gameplay has a variety of crazy traversal equipment, grapples, ziplines, vehicles, cannons, and geysers! Each with its own perks that make travle through the world fast paced and crazy in many ways. In this new world we have many new travel methods but our weapons have been decreased... We lost regular frag grenades (massive disappointment in this decision. I loved those things), The Burst Rifles (both kinds), Heavy Shotgun, and Bolt action Snipet! These things were what I was built in using in the game when it first began. And now, we are forced to return to using pumps and smgs for the most of our fights. Ak's are very common and Regular Assult Rifles are slightly less common. This game is taking a another meta into considetation. But maybe a good one for some players playstyle. I may not have addressed everything but please tell me what you think of all this. Is the game the same lovable one that it started off with, is it changed too much, is it better, what do you expect to see for its future, or what do you think? Also, these changes arent all bad and business wise and devoloping wise, they make sense. Just wanted to note how they are drastically different from when it started out. Note: I changed the "Title in Question" for more clarification on what I am discussing.

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