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Mar 15, 2019, 11:37 PM 1,171 read

I Need Advice....

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I really have been debating this but, it's time for me to ask for help on some stuff, even if it doesn't work I figured it's worth a shot to ask some fellow battle Royale players. So, my first problem,is, when im building, and people start phasing through my walls (by the way, yeah that's still a problem epic fix your shit) I don't expect that to happen because I expect them to be boxes in, and when they aren't, my fingers don't know what to do and it takes me a few seconds to do something, they just literally like stop working and I was wondering if there was some way y'all try to stop this phasing from happening or something y'all do if they DO phase through? Another thing is, when I'm build battle someone, like 1v1 in creative. That means unlimited mats, unlimited ammo for guns, etc., My bud always boxes me in and I can never get out of it, it always takes me a few seconds, and by that time, he's already four walls higher above me. How should I get out of those faster? A third thing, also related to the samen1v1 conditions,is that when I box my buddy in, hHE gets out in two seconds, and I'll do it over and over and over, like 4 or 5 times in a row and then I just can't keep up anymore, I haven't askes him how's he's done it, but I figured if y'all know something I don't about getting out of being boxed in, maybe I could better understand what he's about to do. And my final thing is, when I'm in the air, and I have stairs build, let's say I'm halfway up the stair or something, if I dead as look down to build a floor piece under the stair, it builds a floor ABOVE me and it cucks me like 3 times before it actually places below the stair. Is there anyway I can ensure the floor piece goes below the stair? Anyways guys, that's all the questions I've got for now, but I appreciate you for reading. If you wanna read some of my most popular posts, go to my moot profile and feel free to check out the "My Thoughts" series. There pretty awesome :)

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