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Toxic Vs. Abrasive

Now I’m sure everyone is aware of the term “ Toxic “ And it’s context in the Fortnite Community so I’m not going to waste nobody time by reviewing that but I will introduce another term to you all : Abrasive. The standard definition would be rough and slightly aggressive behavior and this is the definition I’ll be using. Many people have called me Toxic due to my sometime Dominant demeanor , aggressive tone and usage of sarcasm but that’s not me being Toxic , Thats me being Abrasive. Over the years of my life I’ve learned many thing about human behavior and the main thing is this : If you don’t defend yourself then people will run all over you. Growing up in the community I did the only way to gain weight to your name was to be Abrasive. It was either I stand up for myself using my words or my actions so I did what a fit-for-survival individual would do and I adjusted. I’ll admit as I got older it got worse but this is who I am now so I won’t try changing. I’d rather be like this in a World as tough as this one then be soft and get folded. To be honest ya gotta toughen up or people gonna break you and turn you to dust. I just need people to understand that difference. Big 64 is Non-Toxic , I just hold my own and never fold as An Abrasive Individual. Best way to combat Toxicity is with Abrasiveness. Stay solid cause the world get lethal. And I’m just keeping it 64k , True Word. 🤷🏾‍♂️


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